Rich and famous people will survive the quarantine, that is almost certain. Why? Well they can stay at home without having to work for a long time. Almost everyone is immune to the suffering of real people, but as we know you admire them very much and you are interested in knowing what the hell they are doing here is a summary for you who travel by public transport risking your life for work or who had the opportunity to stay at home to avoid that people who go by public transport reduce the possibility of a contagion, do not die of boredom.

In Spaghetti Code we want them well and pretty And we want to tell you that we are going to get out of this all and all together (don’t hold hands or dance).

Well, here is the summary.

Michelle Obama tweeted to thank Chef José Andrés for his dedication to feeding children in communities during this difficult time.

Kygo tweeted that she will release new music on Friday to help her fans stay positive during these difficult times.

Madonna tweeted the fourth edition of her quarantined newspaper.

Christopher Meloni tweeted photos of her skirt for quarantine.

Mark Duplass tweeted that he is buying gift cards to support small businesses that are struggling during the pandemic and encouraged others to follow suit.

Scott Evans tweeted a video of his brother Chris Evans cutting his hair while they are in quarantine.

Seth MacFarlane tweeted to beg those who continue to go to Los Angeles parks and beaches to practice social distancing.

NAO tweeted a video playing “Bad Blood” on piano during his self-isolation.

Ben Schwartz tweeted a gift his sister gave him that has become his “greatest treasure” in quarantine.

Jameela Jamil tweeted “This is The Bad Place” over and over, referring to her series, The Good Place.

Hayley Williams tweeted that she is grateful for the music at times like this and that she was listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol.

Ronda Rousey tweeted a video of her entire family playing video games while they are in quarantine.

Jonathan Van Ness tweeted about the anxiety he feels when you hear someone cough.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she would make banana bread for someone who traded it for some romaine lettuce. @ChrisKlemens replied that he had a little, and Chrissy replied that the barter would happen that same afternoon.

Brooklyn Decker tweeted that she wanted to see a video of the exchange.

Mia Farrow tweeted a video of her son Ronan singing “Not While I’m Around” for Steven Sondheim’s birthday.

Ciara tweeted a photo of herself and her family enjoying a sleepover.

Justin Bieber tweeted that he will release new “R & Bieber” style music compilations every Tuesday and Thursday. It started today!

Dua Lipa tweeted about the release of her new single “Break My Heart,” due out tomorrow.

Lil Baby tweeted that her most recent album has gone Gold Record after just three weeks from its release.

Rian Johnson tweeted about his favorite movies from the 70s.

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted of her son dancing while watching Singing In The Rain.

Ben Schwartz tweeted a new trailer for his upcoming comedy special on Netflix, alongside Thomas Middleditch, which will be released on April 21.

Laverne Cox tweeted about Octavia Spencer on Self Made, and Octavia replied.

Well, we already made you lose 15 minutes of your life, they are 15 minutes that you did not catch anything (hopefully). You are welcome.