What conditions would allow you to extend beyond May 17 to file your taxes

If you have a debt with the IRS, you must pay it before Monday, May 17 to avoid a penalty and payment of interest.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) extended the deadline to file your taxes this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however This last modification is only valid for citizens living in 5 states of the country. For most Americans, the deadline to file taxes is about to arrive.

April 15 is the date that traditionally has set the filing deadline, however, for the second consecutive year the date was extended to May 17 to give more time to taxpayers, tax preparers and the IRS to take into account modifications made to the federal tax code after the approval of the American Rescue Plan.

Who will have an extension to file the tax return?

Only taxpayers who were affected by severe weather events at the beginning of the year may request an extension to file their tax return until October 15, 2021, for most taxpayers the deadline is this Monday, May 17.

This extension is only valid for some taxpayers in areas that were affected by bad weather and where FEMA made a disaster declaration. According to the IRS Five are the states where taxpayers will have a deadline after May 17.

Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana will have a deadline of August 15 to file taxes. On Kentucky the date will be June 30 and Alabama through August 2.

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What to do to request an additional extension from the IRS?

If this is your case and you are not yet ready to file your tax return, according to the IRS, You must submit the “Form 4868” before Monday, May 17.

To request the extension, you must complete the process through your tax presenter, through the tax software or use the IRS Free File tool so that you can file your taxes until October 15. The Free Files tool is available on the IRS website if you have an annual income of less than $ 72,000.

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Remember that even if you request more time to file your tax return, that does not mean that you will get an extension to pay the debt or arrears of your taxes. If you have a debt with the IRS you must pay that amount before May 17If you do not do so, you will incur a penalty and payment of interest. If you are not sure how to file a return, it is important that you contact a tax presenter.

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