What character! ‘Papu’ Gómez steals the show on Messi’s birthday

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What character! ‘Papu’ Gómez steals the show on Messi’s birthday

Andres Felipe Galindo Cortes June 24, 2021, 05:38 pm

The Argentine players gathered to celebrate the birthday of the ’10’ albiceleste.

With an Argentine barbecue, a cake with the number ’10’ and curious gifts, the members of the Argentine National Team celebrated his 34th birthday for Lionel Messi amid the concentration of the Copa América.

Everything is joy in the environment of the albiceleste, and it is that, in the middle of the tribute to the ‘flea’, Alejandro the ‘Papu’ Gómez stole the show and with his strange but fun dances, he captured the attention and laughter of his colleagues, who recorded it and published it on their social networks.

Gómez, present at Sevilla, scored the goal that gave Argentina victory and qualification for the next phase of the Copa América against Paraguay. Now, on the rest days after not playing the fourth day of the group stage, he was the center of attention in concentration and to the rhythm of Raw Alejandro, Juanes, among others, made the rest of his teammates have a good time .

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