What celebrity do you look like when you go shopping? See her shopping looks

Being a celebrity can come with luxuries and benefits, but when it comes to shopping, they look as normal as anyone else.

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper were in a hurry to go home after having entertained themselves browsing fashion boutiques in Sydney.

Suki Waterhouse did a bit of retail therapy with a vintage look at Nothing Hill. His fur coat and comfortable shoes represent us.

Ariel Winter has decided that it is a better idea for her boyfriend to wait for her in the car when she wants to go shopping. Thus, she tries whatever she wants and no one despairs.

Winona Ryder has left behind the controversy she caused by taking objects and not paying for them. Now, he measures himself in his purchases and has fun in West Hollywood.

For Scott Disick, being with his daughter Penelope is not an impediment to going to see clothing stores. This is how they look together, father and daughter, with the bearing and elegance of a celebrity.

Kate Beckinsale has chosen layering styles for shopping. Although it might seem that her looks are comfortable, do not lose sight of her high boots.

Who does go shopping in total comfort is Eva Longoria; Still, she keeps wearing accessories like her dark glasses and a classic Chanel bag.

Sofía Vergara shops in a big way, to begin with, she does not carry her own bags, but takes a companion who supports her in this task.

Heather Locklear represents the look that everyone would wear if they were shopping at a beach destination; she has all the Malibu flair: glam and natural tan.

Camila Cabello is a celebrity who has resorted to shopping to take out annoyances and sadness, so we saw her a few days after she separated from Matthew Hussey.

On the other hand, Cara Delevigne usually goes shopping with her partners. He did this with Ashley Benson while they were in Milan, trying to go unnoticed.

It doesn’t matter if Sara Sampaio is in the middle of a shopping session, she has a hard time detaching herself from her mobile phone. Maybe that’s where he takes his super list.

Reese Witherspoon is not sorry to go out in sandals in Santa Monica. For her, the main thing is to be comfortable and to be on time for her yoga class.

Heidi Klum is usually seen wearing glasses, but as soon as she gets indoors, she stops hiding her gaze. Comfortable and stylish, it knows how to make the most of it.

Elle Fanning never hides her natural beauty; Without much arrangement (because you do not need it), go fresh and free to do your shopping in an ecological way.

Lourdes Leon has the ability to adapt to the environment in which she finds herself, but even so, she would never manage to go unnoticed among so many celebrities.

Emma Roberts is one of the shoppers who examine each item in detail. Knows what you want and makes pros and cons comparisons, like cost benefit.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are the type of shoppers who want to favor local businesses and discuss what might be best for them in the long run.

It seems that Renée Zellweger wishes they did not recognize her, but in reality she is only cautious about her health. Sometimes her dog accompanies her to do her shopping.

Jennifer Garner enjoys life as it is, she does not worry about what they will say nor does it take long to choose her outfits, she is quite transparent with her feeling of the day.

On the other hand, Mariah Carey seems to crave a little attention. She will never seek to hide and is always willing to be greeted or asked a question.

Rebel Wilson is so involved in making a radical change in her life, that she goes to great lengths to choose her foods. It’s pretty neat and consistent.

Although Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have already welcomed their baby, they still take time to shop every now and then. Sometimes, they get to combine their looks.

Although she is pregnant and her belly is already showing, Emily Ratajkoswki does not regret dressing up and always looking like a supermodel.

Lucy Hale is a celebrity who loves prints, and no matter if they don’t match completely, she is sure to go to Whole Foods like that.

Who exudes style at every step, is Katie Holmes. Even if you wear your hair in a bun, coats and sneakers, it always looks impressive.

Charlize Theron always seeks to make the fewest visits to the supermarket during the month. In one go, fill your cart with everything you need so you won’t be back soon.

Natalie Portman would be her equivalent, although visibly, she consumes many more vegetables. Comfortable and fresh, it always stands out for its healthy beauty.

Jessica Alba has been seen shopping several times. Sometimes she consumes products from her own brand (Honest) and also seeks to combine her accessories.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the most perfect dynamic duo out there. Both help you rule out unnecessary shopping choices and budget.