« Tinelli was looking to send me down, » said Ricardo Caruso Lombardi in relation to the audios with the calls of Marcelo Tinelli to Julio Grondona in 2013 asking him for referees for the San Lorenzo matches.

In one of the eavesdropping, the Cyclone leader mentions the coach, who at the time was managing Argentinos Juniors. « I don’t want Ceballos to direct me, I want the best: Delfino »Tinelli stated before the match against Argentinos Juniors in the « New Gasometer » on date 3 of the Initial tournament. « I don’t want Caruso’s friends », repeated the current president of San Lorenzo. Caruso is Caruso Lombardi, at that time technical director of Bicho de La Paternal. And his friends – according to Tinelli’s analysis – were the referees Luis Díaz, Pablo Díaz, Luis Álvarez and Fernando Rapallini.

« There are many things to look for. I don’t know how it is going to affect these referees to tell them blots. Call anyone who named them, I never shared a coffee. In the talk he talks about Delfino all the time, and in another one too. Delfino said he is a fan of San Lorenzo. He asks for a referee for San Lorenzo-Argentinos, first he asked for the referee to change. With Argentinos we fought the descent. Why did you ask for a referee for that match? ”Asked Caruso Lombardi in dialogue with La Oral Deportiva on Radio Rivadavia.

And I add: “I had learned that he had offered a very important award to the San Lorenzo team to win over us. I wanted to win. When he arrives on the court, he was just holding on to a door, he tells me ‘what are you doing animal’. I tell him ‘you are not ashamed to offer a prize to win us. You want to go to the descent so much. ’ He says ‘nothing to see’. « The request went wrong, » I said to his face. Journalists who said Caruso was crying have to apologize to me. San Lorenzo beat Independiente 1-0, we beat River and Independiente went downhill. He (for Tinelli) was looking to send me down with Argentinos, there is no other « .

Caruso Lombardi pointed at Marcelo Tinelli after passing through San Lorenzo

Caruso Lombardi recalled his time as coach of San Lorenzo and raised suspicions about his last days at the club. “They didn’t kick me out, they were doing things that I didn’t like, and I found out. I knew I was going to turn on the TV and Viggo Mortensen spoke ill of me. I get angry because they leave me out. There were three games that surprised me how the referees directed me, but I said nothing. I can even think they did anything to make me go away. Before starting the championship I told him that if he wanted I would leave. There were eight days to start the tournament and we have eight players, and he insists that I stay, and the team put it together together ”.

To finish, the current coach of Belgrano de Córdoba said that Marcelo Tinelli will have to apologize to the referees. « He has to account to the referees. If it’s going to be number one in the league (he is president of the Professional Soccer League), You will have to call Trucco, Rapallini, Loustau and ask for forgiveness. I knew he was crazy about that game ”, concluded the coach.

You listen between Tinelli and Grondona – Part 1 (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)

This Monday morning, Jorge Lanata broadcast on his radio program Miter a series of audios with conversations between Julio Grondona and Marcelo Tinelli in August 2013. In one of the leaked dialogues, the then vice president of San Lorenzo asked the arbitrator for the deceased former president of the AFA, for the match against Argentinos Juniors.

You listen between Tinelli and Grondona – Part 2 (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)

In another of the eavesdropping, San Lorenzo had to visit Independiente at the Libertadores de América stadium. The encounter had a special seasoning because the Red could descend for the first time in its history, a fact that finally happened. Days before this meeting, Tinelli called him to Grondona for the election of Silvio Trucco for that meeting and suggested Germán Delfino.

After these recordings came out, Marcelo Tinelli struck back on social media and pointed to a person responsible for the dissemination of the material: Daniel Angelici, former head of Boca. « I estimate that a public prosecutor will already be working to investigate who delivered this private material, which should have been destroyed, so that it can be disseminated in the media. I never did anything illegal. Absolutely available to Justice. If not, I will be a complainant « , wrote in a first post.

« These eavesdrops that tell me that they happened on the radio today, will they be the same ones that a former president of Boca claimed to have had, given to him by a judge before he was removed from his post? » Without naming them, he referred to former judge Norberto Oyarbide and the aforementioned Angelici, who was an opponent of Tinelli in the truncated elections of 2015 that faced the journalist and Luis Segura and that led to the 38-38.

At night, Jorge Lanata responded to the president of San Lorenzo and La Liga Profesional de Fútbol.

“I just saw her, she calls my attention for several things. First, Marcelo, of course, does not deny anything that went on the air because he cannot, it is his voice. The other thing that strikes me is that he is increasingly like Cristina. He says: « I estimate that a public prosecutor will already be working to investigate who delivered this private material. » Marcelo, you were a journalist many decades ago but you you know that the sources are not revealed, otherwise you would have to remember it. I do not understand what would be the problem of me posting something. Why do you want to know who gave it to me? Since when? The important thing is not who gave it to me, but what the audio says. Everything seems very simple to me and I imagine why, but let’s pretend I don’t know why Marcelo chooses to attack and not talk about the background, right? What is talking about the talks?

Jorge Lanata answered Marcelo Tinelli for the leaked audios (Infobae)

The radio host clarified that he never said « that this was legal », but he did acknowledge that « this is something » that happens in the football business. “Referees are arranged, match schedules are arranged, matches are eventually arranged. It seems to me that he would have to talk about the audio, not about me, that’s it. You can’t deny it because it’s him, it’s your voice. He wonders if those are the same eavesdropping Angelici wanted to extort from him. If he was ever extorted by Angelici, what he would have to do is denounce Angelici, not ask himself rhetorical questions ”, he closed.


The audios of Marcelo Tinelli’s calls to Julio Grondona asking for referees for the San Lorenzo matches

The response of Marcelo Tinelli to the leak of the audios in which he asks referees to Julio Grondona in 2013

Lanata answered Tinelli after her criticism for the spread of the eavesdropping asking Julio Grondona for referees