What can you do when you lose a file or folder in Windows 10 | Technology

Have you accidentally deleted a folder from your computer? Is any file damaged or corrupted and you can’t open it? Whatever the problem, we will tell you what you can do when you lose a file or directory in Windows 10.

Making a backup of our computer is a good habit that we should all have. And it is that, although we are not aware of it in our day to day, it is very easy to lose files and folders in Windows 10. We can delete files by accident, our hard drive can break and stop working …

If you have come this far, it is probably because unfortunately you have not been careful and you do not have a backup copy of your files. Do not panic still because there are some things you can do to try to recover deleted files and folders on Windows 10. Take note because below we will tell you how you should proceed.

Have you accidentally deleted files from your computer, or do you regret deleting certain documents that you now need? Windows has a new tool to recover lost files.

First stop: the recycle bin

Before completely deleting directories and files, Windows 10 sends them to the recycle bin. Therefore, if you have deleted something by mistake, you do not have it configured to empty automatically and you have not emptied it manually, then you will find your deleted folder or file here.

Use the chkdsk tool if your hard drive is crashing

The problem may be because your hard drive is failing. In that case, you can use the chkdsk tool to repair it. To access it, type cmd or Command Prompt in Windows search engine and open the application.

Once here you can have chkdsk correct disk errors with the chkdsk C: / F command or to locate bad sectors and recover readable information with the chkdsk C: / R command.

If you have deleted a file from your computer by accident, don’t worry, there is a solution. In this article we show you the five best ways to recover deleted files on Windows 10.

In both cases you have to have sufficient permissions and it is possible that a message tells you that the disk is blocked by another process and asks you if you want to do the analysis when the computer restarts. Answer yes, restart the computer and wait to see if the problem is resolved.

Try Windows File Recovery

Microsoft released its Windows File Recovery tool for free, a command line program that allows you to recover deleted files, including JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office, MP3, MP4 or ZIP files. In this document you will find a complete guide to use the application and restore your files.

Check the disk status

If you have been able to recover the data with chkdsk, Windows File Recovery or another tool, the best thing is that check the status of your hard drive to make sure it’s okay and won’t cause data loss problems again. You have at your disposal many free and paid tools to carry out this task, such as CrystalDiskInfo, HD Tune Pro or Hard Disk Sentinel.

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