What can be done with the new measures?

The Generalitat of Catalonia follows its own system to end the coronavirus. The community that registers the most infections, with hospitals in full swing and focusing only on a part of the experts, have managed to apply the most restrictive measures in the country. With a de-escalation of its own that has caused protests, not from deniers, but from businessmen who need to work to live. The calendar of new measures that the Generalitat has presented leaves the entire territory without parties and families without being able to get together for the sake of the evolution of a pandemic that does not stop.

This will be the de-escalation in 4 phases of Catalonia

The own de-escalation in Catalonia will have 4 phases and it will be marked by strict restrictions that have not been the solution to the pandemic at the moment, each phase will last a minimum of 15 days. The curfew will be a reality from 22:00 to 6:00. Following the pressure of some health workers and completely forgetting the businessmen, in this way they intend to carry out the de-escalation in Catalonia.

First phase: from November 23 to December 7

On November 23, the first phase of the de-escalation will begin. The bars and restaurants can be open with a capacity of 30% from 6 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. With these figures, the restoration has already expressed its discomfort. It is impossible for a business to stay afloat, the busiest hours are at night, with or without coronavirus, as well as during the summer when infections were controlled. Shops with more than 800 meters of surface will be able to open, but only in 30%. Non-professional sport with less than six participants and outdoors with 50% of the capacity may be carried out.

Second phase: from December 7 to 21

The capacity of bars and restaurants will be increased to 50%, the schedule will be the same, until 17:00. Cinemas, theaters and auditoriums will have a maximum capacity of up to 70%. The municipal confinement will become regional on weekends. Shops may be 30% open as long as they have a surface area of ​​800 m2.

Third phase: from December 21 to January 4

The maximum number of people in a meeting will be 10. The bars and restaurants may open until 9:00 p.m. with a capacity of 50%. The perimeter confinement between districts will be extended on weekends. You can practice sports outdoors and attend a cultural event with 70% of the capacity. Shopping centers will open, but only with 30% of their capacity.

Fourth phase: from January 4

Mobility within Catalonia will recover, but the perimeter closure for this community will continue. You will not be able to leave or enter without just cause. Shopping centers will increase capacity to 50% in the final stretch of the Christmas season, just one day after the closing of what may be the worst crisis they have faced.

Leisure, children’s and recreational spaces, bingo halls, casinos and game rooms and major festivals will remain closed. A total blockade of a population that must abide by rules without making any logic or being backed by experts.