In 2006, Kamini tasted fame thanks to his hit Marly-Gomont. If he has been a little more discreet since then, the 40-year-old man is not inactive and has tried several types of media. Discover the journey of the countryside rapper.

Native of the Aisne, more exactly of Nouvion-en-Thiérache, Kamini grew up in the neighboring village of Marly-Gomont. The small town will inspire him his hit released in 2006, Marly-Gomont, in which he gently mocks the village of his childhood. After a second single in 2007, J’suis Blanc, Kamini only returned to the studio last summer, when his title I wanted to say it was released.

Return on an atypical course

He didn’t have a girlish look. With frizzy brush-styled hair, a black headband screwed over her head to hold her mop, and a faded yellow t-shirt, Kamini was not the type of singer to play with his physique. However, we remember him. And that’s thanks to his music.

Kamini was the little rapper from the campaigns in 2006 who had a blast with these words:

My name is Kamini, I don’t come from téci, I come from a little village called Marly-Gomont.

The campaign anthem created a real buzz. This song, the clip of which was shot in the fields in Picardy, was posted on September 25, 2006 and has been viewed more than 4 million times to date.

“Today, guys lie, buy views …”

Today Kamini has left the world of music. He made a few small attempts at singles, but none had the impact of Marly-Gomont. Under his air of a big idiot hides a very intelligent man. A man who had studied the market well before launching his humorous song.

He recalls during an interview for PureCharts:

I knew it was going to work. I had very well analyzed the rap market. But I had no network, I was completely anonymous. Today, guys lie, buy views, work in a record company for ten years … Me it was authentic. I sent my clip to five record companies and it took off thanks to an intern according to legend.

“Marly-Gomont, it brought me a lot of money”

Kamini, who is embarking on the one-man-show today, is not a man to be pitied. He doesn’t worry about the end of the month because his song has brought him a lot of money and in addition he has placed his marbles in real estate.

On Marly-Gomont, we were 100% publishers. It brought me a lot of money. We were producers… It was a good delirium. I have invested in real estate. Some good and some not so good. But it’s okay, I’m not at all to complain.

Failing to rap, Kamini remains very active on the internet and also made his debut in cinema. In 2016, he co-wrote the comedy Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont, largely inspired by his life.

A new career on the small screen

It is now in the world of television that Kamini evolves. Already a columnist in Midi en France in 2016, since November 2017 he has been presenting the program Les Gens des Hauts, broadcast on France 3 Hauts-de-France every Sunday. A program that highlights the heritage of the region in which we can follow the artist to meet the inhabitants ready to get involved locally.

A one man show?

Jack-of-all-trades, Kamini has also written since 2009 his own one man show. He has been testing his humor and his pen for years on small open stages and even toured earlier this year.

This tour unfortunately had to be canceled due to the health crisis.