It’s been several years since Diam’s left the world of music! But what becomes of it? A friend gives her news.

Gone are the days when rapper Diam’s pranced at the top of the hit parade. Today, converted to Islam, she is the mother of a family and leads a extremely discreet life far from the show business she hates. It is with her husband and two children that she thrives. Recently, moreover, far from music, she opened a travel agency. But she gives little information about her life, so what is really happening to our national Diam’s?

Melha Bedia, actress and sister of Ramzy Bedia, is close to Diam’s alias Mélanie Georgiades. She gave his news at the microphone of Europe 1, July 28, during its appearance on the program Culture Médias. Pascale Clark, host of the show asked Melha why Diam’s – said to have returned to France after two years in Saudi Arabia – was missing. Here is his response:

She’s very well. Missing ? On the stage, it’s true. But no, she’s doing very well, she’s on the networks. She continues to write and she released two books which are also great. She does lots of other things, she is a happy mother of a family. I speak with her, she is doing very, very well.

How she gave Melha Bedia a chance!

Indeed, she writes books and recently embarked on architecture! Astonishing. We are in any case reassured and happy that all is going well for the former singer. In this radio show Melha Bedia recounted her first meeting with Diam’s.

I meet her on a Sunday because she often came to eat couscous with my grandmother. She adored my grandmother. There are some merguez missing and she said ‘come on, we are going to buy some merguez.’ I walk with her and she says to me ‘you had the BAC with distinction, you are 16 years old, what are you going to do?’ I had to be enrolled in college. And she’s like ‘no, take a year off and come with me on tour. You like clothes, you will do the styling ‘. “

This is how Melha found herself working with the interpreter of La Boulette and following her on tour for over two and a half years. But she didn’t just do styling as she says:

When I go, I’m supposed to iron the backing vocals and Diam’s T-shirts and give her a lighter and a flask of water between takes. Except that, on the first date, she told me ‘you’re going to do the first parts too’. (…) She had an idea in mind, I think. She knew. I explain that I am there to furnish, that I am the stylist of Diam’s, that I am not well paid, I try to make small valves like that.

Obviously, such an experience leaves indelible memories and above all it forges a solid friendship. No wonder the two young women are still in touch!