What Barbie !, Chiquis Rivera presumes that there is under her dress

What Barbie !, Chiquis Rivera presumes that is under her dress | Instagram

A real Barbie! The beautiful Chiquis Rivera looked like the most famous doll in history in a pink dress and went further, as she decided to show what was underneath. The singer took advantage of a day in the pool to cause a sensation on social networks.

Apparently the celebration was going big, because you can also admire the businesswoman next to a grill and with some meat tongs; but this remains in the background when admiring his imposing anatomy.

Chiquis Rivera posed the most smiling for the camera with a very short and translucent pink dress! That is why she was in full view of the beautiful curves Janney Marin Rivera.

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The famous woman wore a pink two-piece swimsuit under her beach dress, which allowed a large part of her skin and flat abdomen to be seen. Definitely her charms and legs were the protagonists of the image.

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The photograph seems to date back a few years, you can see it from Chiquis Rivera placeholder image slimmer and with her short and relaxed hair making her look more youthful, the famous daughter of Jenni Rivera complemented her outfit with huge sunglasses.

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Chiquis’s fans shared this photo on her fan account on Instagram, as it should be remembered that the Latin Grammy winner has deleted her images on several occasions.

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The last time that Lupillo Rivera’s niece left her official Instagram account blank was when a scandal broke out about her separation from Lorenzo Méndes. However, Chiquis Rivera returned stronger than ever and surprising everyone.

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