On Friday the schools officially end. The ‘tele cole’ also comes to an end. There have already been streaming graduations, printed diplomas at home, and video calls with colleagues and teacher are ending. At the moment, until September.

So, what can we do now? Well … entertain children without duties in a compulsory way, with no summer camps in sight, and with children already exhausted from having no obligations. What awaits us parents when I finish school? Are we going to finish losing patience at all?

Multitasking parents, a plus of intensity

We asked the psychologist Mercedes Hermoso Ten for Sport and Life, what awaits us this summer? “During the pandemic, fathers and mothers have discovered that, in addition to homework, baths and dinners, time had to be left for sing, dance, do crafts, pastries and to to act as teachers during teleworking hours. The smallest of the house have made their first apprenticeships in the armchair at home, downhill and the oldest, in a few days they know how to handle the Tablet and the computer better than anyone, “he reminds us as if it were months ago and we hardly continue doing it .

“Although in many moments we believed go crazy, we have shared many moments to strengthen the relationship with our sons and daughters, surely, when they are adults, they will remember the good times at home, during the quarantine, “and it is that many children, and parents, have spent more time with the family during these two months than throughout the year.

A different course, a course at home

“For the children it has not been easy to have to continue the course from home, without being able to be with their friends, teachers, so they will have bad days and they will not know how to express what they feel, remember that they have shown a lot of maturity and courage in these months “, from one day to the next there was no school, no sports activities, no English, no sport … no park!

Summer also needs organization

“When I finish school, it is very important to follow an appropriate organization of routines over week. Plan a time to get up and do activities at home, with some flexibility. These must be varied, such as do some sport or movement activities, review of a topic learned during the course, the reading of a book that interests you, share some ride with other boys and girls their age, always respecting the safety regulations (use the mask, respect the safety distance, etc.), help with some housework and other activities that they like, “he recommends.

“It is also very important control the use of technologies, such as the Tablet, the computer, the telephone, etc. Better to use it as a reward at certain times of the week “, it is very easy to leave them alone and work, and everything with schedules is easier for them too.

“Much encouragement to all parents, surely you will do great, the summer will fly by and in no time we will be again with the preparations for the new school year”, encourages the expert before a summer that also shows different and where We must greatly promote creativity. Patience for everyone!