What are you going to do when they come for you? [FW Labs]

Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered came to us and if you want to know if this remastering is really worth it, here we will tell you.

Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered is the racing game that we were all waiting for right now, because all the stress levels that we are handling Thanks to a pandemic that seems to have no end, they can be considerably reduced when playing this title, because here you can remove everything that you have saved.


For fans of this franchise, explaining how this title is played is unnecessary, but those who are new should not have to worry. This is because the controls of this game are very easy to learn and perfect..

At first it may take you some work to find the perfect way to drift, but it’s something you can get used to very quickly.

The objective of the game is divided in two. As a driver you will have to make sure to get there first, avoid the traffic and avoid being destroyed by the police cars. On the other hand, being part of justice it will be your duty to stop all racing drivers and prevent them from completing the circuit.

To achieve this we have at our disposal a Turbo that is given to us when we drive in a dangerous way, how to go the wrong way and avoid colliding closely with other cars.

In the same way, we have a few weapons that help us beat other drivers, such as EMP weapons or spike chains to break others’ tires.

All of this happens extremely fast and at times, very violently, so you will feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you try to survive these wild battles, especially if you play online.

Game modes

You can enjoy this title offline and online, which gives the freedom to experience it however you want.

For those who are looking for the greatest challenges, there is the online mode, where you will decide at random if you are a police officer or a racing driver and the 8 players will be divided into two teams until one or the other has fallen before all the obstacles on the way.

It’s honestly completely addictive And before you know it you could be playing for hours without control.

On the other hand, the offline campaign mode allows you to compete against Artificial Intelligence in different missions throughout two parallel campaignsyes, one as a driver and one as a policeman.

The best thing about the campaign is that you can get closer to this with different vehicles that you will unlock for both « factions » as you complete missions and win races.

The story is really very simple and what is really important are the missions that you must overcome, nothing of the other world in that section, but it is just thanks to this that you can enjoy the game more without worrying about characters or anything like that.

The ultimate goal of both campaigns is to reach level 20, that and beat your own times as well as the times of your friends.

Visuals and audio

Visually, and despite the speed at which this title moves, it is a really very attractive game. Every car and landscape looks incredibly good and you will even get to see movie moments that You will be able to capture thanks to a complete photo mode that although it is not the most complete in games, it is really very good and lets you take impressive captures.

It is worth mentioning that also pYou can take photos in the garage of the cars without movement, so you can appreciate in this way the models in more depth.

As for the audio, the car engines sound impressive, plus the voice acting makes you feel like you’re really into a chase at extreme speeds.

The whole game is very well set and feels much better thanks to the soundtrack, because their musical selection is the best we can find in a racing game.

Among the artists that we can find we have M.I.A. Klaxons, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bad Religion, White Lies, New Politics, Deadmau5 and Hadouken! among many other artists. Only the soundtrack itself ensures your pulse racing and driving with a demon through all the tracks of this game.

I do not lie to you in the latter, well before writing this review I played a few games online and still feel adrenaline pumping.


There is honestly not much more to say about this game. Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered is a spectacular visual and auditory game. Its frenetic action and wild, violent racing are unmatched, plus every available vehicle feels different..

It is certainly an excellent game for racing fans who focus not on simulation but on action and fun above all else.