The transaminases They are some metabolic enzymes in our body whose abnormal increase is a sign of underlying diseases that put us at risk.

Below we will delve a little more into transaminases, the reasons behind their increase and their associated diseases.

What are transaminases?

Transaminases are enzymes present in the cells of organs such as the heart and liver, but they can also be found in some muscles. They are enzymes that have a defined metabolic function.

In turn, they are divided into two main types: glutamate oxalacetate (GOT) and glutamate pyruvate (GPT). GOTs are present in the liver, heart, and kidneys, as well as in some muscles. For its part, the GPT are exclusive to the liver.

According to Daniel Brito, in an article on the EfeSalud platform, a high presence of transaminases in the blood can be a sign of diseases that generally result in liver problems such as cirrhosis, toxic hepatitis, hepatitis B and C, pancreatic disease, and hemolytic anemia.

Causes of increased transaminases

Photo: Pixabay

Excessive alcohol consumption can induce an increase in transaminases because it is associated with the destruction of liver cells, which are some that contain this enzyme. Lowering your alcohol intake will reduce your risk and also help you to be in better health.

The dehydration It is another possible cause because a dehydrated liver tries harder and wears more to eliminate fat. In this sense, drinking water frequently throughout the day should reduce the chances of suffering an increase in transaminases.

The very fatty diets They are also a cause of increased transaminase because, as you may have suspected, they force the liver to do more of the fat-removal work. From this it follows that you cannot excessively include processed foods.

The excess salt in food it is another cause of the increase in transaminases, as well as steaming and grilling. Combining both causes is quite dangerous, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Controlling transaminase levels is easy by knowing the causes that give rise to the increase. From the information we have provided you, you can make the necessary corrections in your diet so that your life is not at risk for an increase in transaminases.