What are the requirements to affiliate your company with Infonacot

If you own a companycould you affiliate to the Institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers (INFONACOT), with the aim that your employees have access to better credits within the market and other financial services.

The one that company is affiliated with Fonacot It helps its workers to access economic resources quickly and with interest rates much more competitive than those offered by banks, for example, in payroll loans, which are very expensive due to the high interest rates.

The advantage that you affiliate your company so that your workers obtain credits with Fonacot, is that you will open the door to access financing cheaper and easier to access, since it is normally backed by the payment of the company to the worker.

Banking procedures are also eliminated, which take days to resolve and if the credit history is not the best, they will end in a rejection of the application. For this reason, as an entrepreneur, it is important that the workers of your company have the Fonacot credit as support. If you want to affiliate your company to the Institute, check the following steps:

Requirements to affiliate your company with Infonacot

1.- The person responsible for the pre-affiliation of the company in the microsite is the owner and / or legal representative.

2.- The information of the company that must be entered in the microsite for its pre-affiliation is the following:

General information. Full address. Type of legal entity. Business sector to which it belongs and General information of the owner and / or legal representative.

3.- The mechanism with which the person who is pre-affiliating the company on the microsite must authenticate is the following:

If you are a legal or natural person with a business activity, the means of authentication is with the FIEL Advanced Electronic Signature (current). If you are a natural person, the authentication means may be the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and / or FIEL Advanced Electronic Signature (current).

4.- In the event that you do not complete the pre-affiliation process, you could save the information that you have already captured, by pressing the option « Save to continue later », with which the system will generate a folio, which is important that it you enter when you restart the affiliation process.

If you do not remember your membership folio, you will have to enter the section « Check membership status » and then enter the Employer Registration Number (NRP) and the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) of your company, automatically the system You will be presenting the membership page and the status of the process

What are the requirements to affiliate your company with Infonacot. Source: Reform.

5.- The documents obtained at the end of the pre-affiliation of the work center through the microsite are the application and affiliation agreement, which you must print twice, so that you can continue with your procedure at the Institute’s offices Fonacot.

If you lost your application for membership, you must enter the section « Query status of membership », where you will have to register the membership folio or Employer Registration Number and the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) of your company.

6.- When you finish the pre-affiliation in the microsite, you must take a training, which could be immediately, of the tool that serves to carry out the discount process, complete and payment of the credits granted to the employees who have have been benefited with the FONACOT credit. This course is aimed at human resources personnel.

7.- After you have your application for membership as a company, you must submit the following documentation in original and copy, for collation at the FONACOT Institute office closest to you:

Application for affiliation for work centers, duly completed and signed by the authorized official and, where appropriate, an application for each of the branches Registration certificate before the Tax Administration Service (SAT) that includes the date of start of operations Affiliation Agreement duly completed and signed by the authorized official Current official identification with photograph and signature of the person signing the agreement by the workplace

8.- If you are a natural or legal person, who has a legal representative, you must present a power of attorney in which it is proven that you have the general powers for acts of ownership or administration or special powers to carry out procedures before the FONACOT Institute.

9.- In the event that you decide as a company, to certify the data of your employees, you must do so through the electronic Certification File according to the Certification Layout (CSV) format published on the Institute’s website.

By having branches, you must request the registration of the same. The FONACOT Institute will review and evaluate your credit history, reserving the right to grant credits to those companies that represent a risk.

If you have any questions or comments, you could contact us free of charge from inside the Republic, at 800 FONACOT (800 366 2268) and in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City, at 5265 7450.

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