What are the most useful tools for women entrepreneurs?

The enterprising woman says she is between 25 and 34 years old.

70% of female entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs.

More than 50% of the group has a higher educational level and seeks to grow.

In recent years, tools and apps have been developed that help women entrepreneurs when starting their own business.
There are some that help them from organizing to networking in the industry in which they work.
These are usually women between the ages of 25 and 34. Of these, 70% start their adventure as an entrepreneur by looking for better opportunities in the market. Also, more than 50% of the group has a higher educational level and, when speaking of growth expectations, only 20% expect to generate more than six jobs in the coming years.
The tools for women entrepreneurs arise from their need to search the internet for new opportunities and encounters, creating contacts and initiating a necessary networking for any entrepreneur.
Basically, women look for those tools that position their business, generate growth and position their brand.

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Women2. It is a network that has grown to establish the possibility of participating in online round tables to expose ventures and grow from group experiences.
They 2. It specializes in those cases where they seek to create new models in the digital field. They have numerous projects and mentoring aids.
We undertake. It is an interactive application for tablets and mobiles that provides training resources, financing tools, advice, among others exclusively dedicated to young people and women who wish to undertake.
Remember The Milk. This app helps you not forget things. Well, it is easy to view and remember pending tasks, share them with the rest of your team, manage and edit them, you can modify their priority, activate labels and integrate this application with your Google Calendar.
Activatenred. It is a social network for companies committed to equality, where women can find management and marketing tools, expand their networks and networking tools, as well as provide administration counsel.
Asana. It allows you to manage and share projects. You can organize tasks and share projects, involving different team members. In its free version, projects can be shared with up to 30 people.
Expensify. An app that makes it easy for you to keep your receipts, expense reports, among others, in order. With this you will save time for reports and gives the possibility of keeping everything in order.
Business Plan Premier. With this app you can order all the objectives, target audience and expectations of the business. It also helps you with the creation of a suitable marketing plan.

We hope these tools are useful to you, no matter if you are just starting out with the sale of hair bows or you already have an online travel agency.