Since the first months of 2020, market researchers have worked hard to predict not only this year’s most profitable ventures, but also to find out which digital marketing strategies are projected to be in the top of mind or consumer’s mind. for the next few months.

We know that taking advantage of time is very valuable for any business and that the sooner we start capturing prospects, the faster we can turn that lead into a client and see the results we so long for.

This is why we can, based on predictions based on consumer behavior, mention which are the most profitable ventures in 2020 and how your brand can be part of it.

Also, in case you want to start your business this year, we are sure that this article will be very useful for you. Remember that previous research is essential so that you can have a solid basis on which to grow your brand.

According to Forbes Argentina, last year Great Britain took first place as the best country to invest in a business, even despite its separation from the European Union. As for Latin America, Chile tops the list, followed by Costa Rica, Mexico and Uruguay.

Knowing where to invest is as important as knowing what to invest in. You must sow in fertile land to be able to grow more easily.

We want to first make a short list of which were the most profitable businesses in 2019 in order to see the evolution with respect to the projections of this 2020, a year that has definitely started more moved than the previous ones and making us face unimaginable challenges.

According to Forbes Mexico research, the top three of 2019 was:

Advertising Animation Videos Online Marketing Agencies

With this we can know that last year it was focused on digital content, in audiovisual formats and with investments in platforms such as social networks. This opens a window for us to follow that path, improving the strategies that were applied months ago.

Having known these details, we will share, in no specific order, what is projected for this current year.

What are the most profitable digital ventures in 2020?

1. Virtual assistant.

Although you are not necessarily going to become a millionaire as a virtual assistant, remember that we are talking about profitability. At the resource level, you will only need a computer, internet and sometimes telephone service.

This coupled with your knowledge, will allow you to have a digital business that is not so demanding at the investment level for you and that, if you get the right clients, can leave you a significant profit.

2. Web designer focused on user experience (UX).

With the number of growing SMEs and large companies adapting to new markets, this digital business is practically essential. In addition, you only require a computer with internet access and, obviously, the knowledge to carry out this work from home, for example, with excellence.

3. Online classes or studies.

As the thousands of benefits that we can obtain through the internet are discovered, online schools are gaining popularity. Once again, the investment in resources is low, you do not need classrooms, projectors, chairs or all the material that would be needed in a conventional school.

With the help of the right experts, you can cover the number of topics that your audience requires, in this case your biggest investment will be in specialized personnel.

4. Digital consulting.

Nowadays, seeing companies with objective eyes is more difficult than it seems. This is why many businesses are needing the figure of external consultants to be able to develop their brands through a different vision.

Although this type of business can be applied digitally, it would also serve to offer face-to-face services and diversify your client portfolio.

5. Healthy life.

Everything related to food, fitness and exercise continues to bear excellent fruit. More and more people are concerned about improving their habits and those of their families. However, they also need practicality and being able to meet all the challenges of their day to day. Innovating with products and methods that benefit health through digital media, will help you achieve a loyal audience.

6. Business for conscience.

Animal care, recycling, veganism and being more responsible with the world is an issue that has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent months. More and more brands are offering new options and joining campaigns that support any of these issues for minorities.

If your product or service allows you to be part of these trends, it is the perfect time for you to invest in it.

7. Digital marketing and social networks.

Last but not least, the business trend that has continued to grow since 2008, which was the year of Facebook’s launch. Changes within the digital marketing field are so accelerated that it is practically impossible to know everything and be an expert in the field. This is why investing in social networks and in the online world is not only one of the most profitable businesses, but also one of the most effective.

Every day that passes thousands of applications, websites and platforms are added generating content for every type of person in the world and when you think that someone is having the success of his life, something new comes to dethrone him. This is why digital marketing and social media continue to be in the top 3 of profitable businesses.

You already have what you need to make your decision, we just want to leave you some general tips for this 2020.

Tips to make your business more profitable

Always research your audience and focus your content on your target audience. Define your goals and processes before launching any campaign. Have a contingency plan against an online crisis. Efficiently invest your resources digitally. Stay honest and authentic.

Now, it is time to take action and start working to have a successful business not only in 2020 but for many years to come.

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