What are the KF94 masks for and how do they differ from other masks?

KF94 masks are one of the least known types of face mask today, but perhaps it is one of the safest to use by offering four layers of protection and a 94% blockage of the substances that we can find in the environment. In addition to this, they differ from other masks in the fold that leaves more room for the mouth, and in the lateral adjustment that is more secure.

They are of Korean origin, and initially they constitute a variation of the N95 face mask, which are from the United States, and the KN95 face mask, which is made mainly in China. However, the KF94 also has its own characteristics.

What are the KF94 masks like?

The shape of the KF94 masks is similar to that of the FFP2 masks and surgical masks. These take their grip on the ears by means of a rubber, and stand out for having a peak structure.

These masks have four layers of protection, and have a metal nose clip that allows the mask to fit better on the wearer’s face.

KF94These masks are the most recommended to be used by infected people, since they do not allow any viral particle to go outside. Photo: Shutterstock

The KF94 masks are made from a non-woven material very similar to that of the FFP2 or KN95. Its percentage of effectiveness in filtering particles (94%) is also very similar to the percentage associated with conventional PPF2 masks.


These masks can be quite useful for people who are already infected with Covid-19 since they do not allow any viral particle to go outside. This is not the case with surgical masks, which are somewhat deficient on the sides.

Furthermore, also compared to surgical masks, KF94 face shields have a better fit, so they tend to be more comfortable than the previous ones if used in the right way.

This better fit is justified by the fact that the KF94 masks have a folding system that provides more space for the mouth. It is even ensured that its wearer can forget that they are wearing the mask when speaking.

Despite all this, this mask has not yet been approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it still cannot be used regularly in that territory.

Importance of KF94 masks in the pandemic

At first, the health authorities recommended the use of surgical masks against Covid-19 to the entire population, emphasizing how important it is that we all wear them since they only protect others.

However, the appearance of new strains of Covid-19 and the arrival of the pollen season has caused people to start using FFP2 masks more, which are more protective and more comfortable to wear.

This popularization of the FFP2 masks has also affected the KF94 masks in a positive way, thanks to the similarities between one model and the other.

KF94 masks are not reusable, so they must be discarded after their only use. This can be a disadvantage for their wearer in economic terms since, if he wants to continue to have their protection, he must continually invest in them.

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