What are the Impulso Nafin credits for MSMEs in CDMX?

MEXICO CITY.- The capital’s Secretary of Economic Development, Fadlala Akabani, highlighted the importance of the “Impulso Nafin Ciudad de México” program, which will support small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), which were affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with loans. .

In an interview with Wendy Roa for the First Broadcast of Imagen Radio, the Mexico City official pointed out that this program has a purse of “two thousand 720 million pesos to support Small and Medium Enterprises in the capital.”

He pointed out that these are formal companies that have their workers registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in such a way that it is an important support to consolidate this type of companies in the framework of the pandemic.

He indicated that there will be credits from one hundred thousand to two and a half million pesos and they will be without guarantees, “the guarantee will be presented by the Government of Mexico City and in case the company requesting the loan does not pay for any circumstance, then the Government of the City would pay that credit, ”he said.

On the other hand, he explained that “those who ask for two and a half million to five million pesos will be able to access the credit, as long as they present a guarantee, which the bank requests,” he said.

He added that the requirements are the same and the credit consists of six months of grace, 60 months to pay and an interest of no more than 13 percent per year, in such a way that it does constitute an important boost for small and medium-sized companies, “he said. .

The capital official indicated that the call is now open to participate in the “Impulso Nafin Ciudad de México” program with which they intend to support two thousand companies. Applications are being received at the local Ministry of Economic Development.

Fadlala Akabani also highlighted the recognition recently granted by the Financial Times to CDMX as the first place in Latin America in American Cities of the Future 2021/22 (Americas City of the Future, for its name in English) and the seventh place in the category of Economic potential throughout the American continent.

He specified that the capital of the country surpassed cities such as Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogota Colombia; Miami, Florida, or Chicago, in the United States. He added that he knows “of the geofinancial importance of the City, it is the natural bridge between Central and South America with the North American market, it is the financial capital of Latin America, it is a city with a high degree of connectivity as indicated in that study” Financial Times stated.

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