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How to conquer someone? That is one of the questions that both women and men have been made when they feel attraction to a person and hope they are reciprocated. Beyond simple physical attraction there are certain factors that together can be crucial to succeed in seduction.

According to experts, It takes more than beauty for a person to be very attracted to you. However, love is not blind and many of the factors that influence the attractiveness of a person are visual but are not linked to the perception of beauty.

The causes for an attraction between men and women to occur can be varied, according to psychology there are a couple of practical factors at play in the art of seduction and many of them are actually subtle, according to several couples. .

Factors for a person to be attracted to you

How well it was mentioned, beauty is the main point of attraction between couples. However, beauty is not limited to the physical and it is not everything. According to experts, there is the outer beauty that is all we can see and the physical features that can be eye-catching and there is the inner beauty that is the values ​​and the soul. The bias and the perception of beauty depends on the viewer.

Coexistence is the obvious and almost certain way in which an attraction between people develops. Coexistence allows couples to get to know each other more and this, at the same time confirms the initial points of attraction, the external and internal beauty. This type of coexistence and physical proximity reflect the reaction of attraction.

What are the factors that make a person feel attracted to you? Unsplash

If a person has the same tastes as you, this person will most likely like you. According to experts, the ego is a central point, as it is the highest point of flattery. This does not mean that you and your partner should be the same, Because everyone has their differences, but it is the same tastes that make a connection, it does not differentiate them.

A person is more likely to be attracted to you, if they know that you liked that person first. This factor is closely related to the ego. The person having this information will come to the idea that you have good taste and this will make them show a greater interest in you or the opposite, which is also good, because you no longer waste time in seduction games.

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