Bruce Tulgan has been dedicated since 1993, thanks to his Rainmaker Thinking consultancy, to investigate the habits and behaviors of employees of different organizations, from the United States Army to Walmart. In that time he has learned to detect all kinds of collaborators and what makes them or not become essential parts of an organization. One of them is the so-called indispensable employee.

The indispensable employee, according to Tulgan’s vision, is not the one who commits himself excessively to his work, since he knows that this may lead him to fail to meet deadlines and objectives, leaving him ill at the organization. This type of collaborators prefers other types of strategies that lead them to shine within their specialty area:

Create a real influence

The indispensable employee knows how to make constructive relationships within the company, which makes him win allies in all areas. These alliances help you to carry out your work with less difficulties and to carry out your projects in a positive way. Thanks to his persuasiveness, he generates an influence on others that contributes to his success.

Know how to prioritize

For the indispensable employee, prioritizing tasks is essential: this is the only way to ensure that they comply with the established times and in the manner in which they have been required to do so. He works in a structured way so that nothing stays in the way and he measures his efforts to perform at all times.

Can say no when necessary

To avoid over-saturation that leads to a breach of his obligations, the indispensable employee says no to tasks that compromise his results. In this way he carries out his projects in a fluid way without there being unnecessary obstacles in front of him.

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Master best practices

This type of collaborator knows very well the best way to carry out the tasks through proven methods. In addition to mastering his tasks, he knows who to turn to for this or that activity. He is curious and observant to such a degree that he dominates the processes from start to finish.

Finish what begins

For the indispensable employee there are no projects that are half-finished. What they start they take to their completion in a serious and responsible way. You feel disgusted when the projects are halved. His sense of urgency and need for recognition leads him to execute the obligations in the best possible way.

Collaborate at all times

Collaborating is a key word for this type of employee in his day to day. Creating alliances, knowing which person is the best for a certain activity and knowing how to relate within the organization are their main strengths to reach the success of their companies. “These types of people know how to identify new workers to turn to whenever they have the opportunity. This is how the upward spiral of real influence is built, ”says Bruce Tulgan.

The indispensable employee is one of the strongest points of any organization, since its work model turns out to be the most effective of all those that exist. His leadership and persuasiveness make him an invaluable piece that must be nurtured and cared for at all times.