What are the best Mexican restaurants in the Bronx according to the Michelin Guide

In New York you can also find authentic Mexican food. In the Bronx you can find restaurants that offer from the popular tacos, tortas, cemitas, tlayudas, tamales, stuffed peppers, barbecue and of course incredible moles. There are restaurants with good quality cuisine and moderate prices.

Here are the Mexican restaurants in the Bronx that have a place in the Michelin Guide:

1. Mexicocin

Inspectors recommend that if you visit Mexicocina ask for a tlayuda, this popular Oaxacan food dish, with a crunchy and fine corn-based base “that is covered with a real feast of refried black beans, pork rinds, lettuce, Oaxaca cheese, cream and much, much more.” They also recommend the goat and its consommé with habanero as well as the lamb barbecue tacos. They emphasize that the cold sauces to accompany them are so tasty as to simply eat them with a spoon.

To drink you can enjoy fresh waters, daytime, hibiscus and horchata. For dessert, a tres leches cake topped with slices of red beet and purple tuna.

They have Bib Gourmand designation: good quality cuisine and good value for money.

Location: 503 Jackson Ave., New York

2. Estrellita Poblana III

Estrellita Poblana is a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes such as mole poblano or caldo de res, there are also tacos and Mexican snacks. The Estrellita steak is served with a spicy habanero sauce, topped with pico de gallo and accompanied by rice and beans. The Michelin Guide describes it as a simple restaurant with good Mexican cuisine where “conversation is common among the pleasant waiters and diners, including many students at Fordham University.”

Location: 2328 Arthur Ave., New York

3. The Abode

La Morada is a Oaxacan food restaurant. In the place you can enjoy a delicious red pipián with pork ribs or an Oaxacan mole made with seven different types of chili peppers dried a variety of spices, banana, peanuts and chocolate. The inspectors of the Michelin Guide point out that there is a “memorable” chicken soup and recommend not to miss the chicken tamales with a rich tomatillo sauce.

They have Bib Gourmand designation: good quality cuisine and good value for money.

Location: 308 Willis Ave., New York

4. The Molcajete

How a “bright and cheerful Mexican gem can be found in the Soundview section of the Bronx” is how Michelin Guide inspectors describe El Molcajete restaurant.

In El Molcajete there are cakes and cemitas, as well as belly, beef head tacos and juicy barbecue ”.

They have Bib Gourmand designation: good quality cuisine and good value for money.

Location: 1506 Westchester Ave., New York

These are the four recommendations for Mexican restaurants from the Michelin Guide in the Bronx. Although we do not doubt that there are many more “gems” of Mexican food restaurants with excellent cuisine that the inspectors have not yet discovered.

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