Image quality, sizes, prices, different brands and other considerations that were taken into account when choosing the options of the new televisions at home.

At the time of deciding the purchase of the new televisions There are many considerations that the user must take. It is not about buying a disposable item. It is a device that will spend much of your entertainment time at your side. In addition to being able to view all the content, it may be essential to take advantage of all the benefits that your video game offers.

That is why no detail should be left out at the time of purchase. If it is a smartTV (like most today). Screen size, resolution, or LED, OLED, and QLED technologies. In addition to knowing the functional characteristics with which the televisions and how that may affect or benefit you in the future. The idea is not to be apocalyptic when buying a TV, but it is not something that should be taken lightly, since it is an important investment.

Based on a large study from the Good House Keeping portal, we selected the three best options when choosing the ideal televisions for your bedroom, living room and entertainment site.

Vizio: LED TV Quantum HDR 4K UHD Smart Quantum M-Series

Let’s start with a basic television brand at a reasonable and affordable price. This Vizio manufacture has a cost of $ 549 in the market, according to the aforementioned portal. It has SmartTV technology that integrates applications to access Netflix or Youtube. Vizio uses SmartCast to be able to integrate the aforementioned apps. It is not an image that breaks stereotypes and competes with the best in this category, but its price and functionality meet the expectations of a buyer.

LG: 55B9PUA B9 Series OLED TVs

It is time to spend a little more money. And when we say a little it is more than double compared to the previous one. But the quality increases in the same quantity as its value. It costs around $ 1,300, but apart from having a better image definition, it works with the intelligent webOS interface. In it you can pair your smartphone and enjoy the content on the big screen. This device has OLED technology.

Samsung: QLED 4K Q80 series TV

The South Korean brand presented this screen with QLED technology that attracts fans of quality. Its image is sharp and allows you to appreciate each of the colors without losing focus. Something very special that Goog Housekeeping details is that the lower quality projections make them look like 4K. Cost is the downside, as it ranges from $ 1,600 per unit.

Samsung QLED