What are the benefits and disadvantages of these photo editors?

Although one is more advanced than the other. both offer an excellent online editing service.

Seeing photographs through technological tools is part of our day to day. Many of those photos, of course, have undergone some editing or retouching, and this is due to applications such as Pixlr and Photoshop.

What is Pixlr?

It is a free editor available on the web designed by Autodesk, known for creating different software such as AutoCad and Maya.

Despite the fact that Pixlr is not a professional editing tool and works based on a smaller scale job, it offers many things and the most important of all is that it provides a free service.

You could say that Pixlr has many features that Photoshop offers, but with the difference that it executes them with greater simplicity.

Although it is certainly not as complete as Photoshop, its mobile-style interface makes it very easy to use, while the Adobe program is much more complex.


Easy to understand and use
It is a free tool
It’s fast and has durability


It only uses some image formats like JPEG, GIF, PSD, PNG and BMP, but does not allow TIFF.
The « Help » section is lacking in information and there are not many tutorials available on Pixlr.
It cannot edit RAW files.

What is Photoshop Express?

Everyone knows the Adobe brand and what Photoshop is capable of. In this case, we would be talking about its online version called Photoshop Express.

It is a free Adobe Photoshop editor available on the web, being one of the most used currently for photo editing.

It is obvious that this version is much simpler than the original, but it is quite useful.


It adapts very well to social platforms like Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket.
It has a good offering of tools like the desktop application.
A large number of tutorials available on the Internet.


Its interface is advanced and it takes time to understand and get used to using it.
It doesn’t have important tools like clone stamp and photo merge.
Although its tool offering is good, it is still very basic compared to the desktop app.