Choosing between an off-road car and a pick-up vehicle is not easy, however there are some advantages from the pick-ups that you probably hadn’t taken into account and that will make you decide on one of them.

Choosing a new car is not always an easy task, since it is necessary to evaluate various areas that adapt to our needs and our pocket. However, one of the trends this year is to opt for pick-up vehicles, because in addition to being very functional, they have become very comfortable units in both urban and difficult terrain.

The vehicle all terrain They are usually one of the preferred options among buyers of carsHowever, according to the Autofacil portal, these are some of the advantages offered by type vehicles pick-up And that will probably make you lean towards this option once you know the benefits of these vehicles.

. Increased load capacity

When it comes to doing hard work, pickups are unmatched. In this type of car, you will find single cab versions that achieve a ton and a quarter of load capacity, most models are homologated towing capacities of 3,500 kilos. It is certainly an excellent option if you are looking to move large and heavy objects from one place to another.

. More Feats of Adventurers

And if you want to travel to unknown places, the most practical solution is a pick up with a simple housing cell in its cargo box. There are numerous models whose fixation is temporary, so they are considered cargo, and it is not even necessary to go through the ITV. The possibilities are enormous, far superior to those of a “closed” SUV, no matter how wide it is.

Nissan Frontier 2019

. Possibility of adaptation

If you want to prepare a vehicle for extreme use, the stringer chassis is highly recommended, and all pickups are based on this architecture. Now, there are also SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Jeep Wrangler and even the Mercedes G-Class, which have stringer chassis, an extensive catalog of aftermarket accessories and are especially easy to modify.

. More affordable price

A pick-up without a doubt will always offer a better price than if you opt for an SUV. In Europe, even the least equipped versions of the single-cabin models cost around € 25,000 with VAT, while the most affordable SUV, the SsangYong Rexton, starts at just over € 30,000; discarding in both cases, of course, the variants without all-wheel drive or reduction.

The type trucks pick-up They are an alternative that today do not ask anything of any SUV, they have excellent performance and the designs and technologies have been put on par with the most luxurious vehicles on the market.


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