What are ‘pop it’ and how are they used

A person handling a ‘pop it’ in a YouTube video. (Photo: YOUTUBE)

Do you remember the fidget spinners, those gadgets that went around and around without stopping in the hands of children – and not so children – that were so fashionable back in 2017? They have not returned but they do have their 2021 version: the pop it.

Colorful and cuddly they are nothing more than silicone sensory and anti-stress toys that cause a sensation at recesses and swings. They look like ice buckets and usually cost less than ten euros. Its use is very simple and, in fact, it is reminiscent of that pleasure that is experienced when exploding the plastic bubble packaging.

They have two faces with a relief of hemispheres that changes: when pressed with the finger the balls flatten and emerge on the other side of the toy.

Not only are they palatable to the touch, but the sound they make when used can be ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response, like a ‘brain tickle’) to some adults.

What are fidget toys

Pop it are part of those known as fidget toys or anti-stress toys, designed to manipulate, either by turning, pressing or squeezing. They were born to “self-regulate stress and anxiety in children with hyperactivity or ADHD, attention deficit, concentration problems, autism, etc.”, as defined by the inclusive toy store Hop Toys on its website, but its use has been extended to the general public. .

Other toys that would fall into this category of fidget toys would be that fluorescent colored spring that was so popular in the 90s or flexible tubes that adopt different positions.

The pop it, a fashion of TikTok

They say that if you pop, there is no stop. Just type ‘pop it’ on Amazon for the popular online store to return more than 4,000 results, for example, although they can be found in a multitude of toys & i …

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