What are Netflix and David Fincher preparing, including Michael Fassbender?

The relationship between Netflix and David Fincher appears to be in good health. The director directed four episodes of the Mindhunter series during 2017 and, three years later, released Mank (2020). These projects will be joined by another, with Michael Fassbender as the protagonist: The Killer.

After Lost (2014) and the aforementioned Mank, The Killer will be the filmmaker’s third film in recent years. Although little is known about the project, there are already some clues to follow. The project is under development.

Filming is likely to begin during November 2021 in Paris. The adaptation that David Fincher is working on is inspired by The Killer, a graphic novel by Alexis Nolent, in which he turns to murder and violence, recurring themes in the director’s filmography.

David Fincher and ‘The Killer’:
What information is there?

During his stint on The Director’s Cut – A DGA Podcast, the filmmaker anticipated something of the project. This was in May 2021, when he said: “I’m playing adapting a French graphic novel about a murderer. I’m doing it with Robert Towne and I’m trying to close a limited series, a kind of prequel to Chinatown.”

David Fincher probably made reference, when mentioning Chinatown, to the film released in 1974, under the direction of Roman Polanski. That is one of his favorites. About the French adaptation, it is The Killer. For now, he will be accompanied by Andrew Kevin Walker, the screenwriter with whom he already worked on Seven (1995). Walker’s screenwriting projects also include The Wolf Man (2009), The Follow (2001) and Ambush (2001).

According to information from Deadline, Michael Fassbender will be the protagonist. After being the protagonist of the adaptation Assassin’s creed (2016). The aforementioned media also indicates that Ceán Chaffin will be the producer of the project.

The killer is an old aspiration of David Fincher, who has had it in mind since 2007. Fourteen years after that initial possibility, in which Brad Pitt was thought as the protagonist, the time seems to have come to achieve it. This will be part of the productions that the director will develop within his exclusive contract with Netflix, until 2024.

‘The Killer’:
graphic novel

David Fincher Netflix The KillerFragment of The Killer

The David Fincher and Netflix adaptation will be inspired by one of the franchises that, perhaps, has the longest tradition in France. The Killer, referred to in French as Le Tueur, began publication in 1998. Since then, 12 editions have been made until November 2013.

The Killer was written by Matz, the artistic pseudonym of Alexis Nolent, who developed the comics together with graphic artist Luc Jacamon. Initially, they were marketed by the Casterman firm throughout Europe. The jump to the US market took place through the Archaia Studios Press label.

The Killer tells the story of a murderer going through a psychological crisis. It occurs within a context devoid of moral sense, something he fights against while unable to contain his homicidal instinct. The release date of the adaptation that David Fincher will make for Netflix is ​​not yet clear.

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