We are not going to deny it, Apple products are not exactly cheap compared to several of the alternatives offered by competitors. That is why, when we decide to buy one of those products, we always look for any chance to get a discount.

One of the ways to obtain them, and perhaps one of the first that many young consumers look at, are student discounts. Apple has been offering them for many years, and now that August is flat, it’s time to review what those discounts consist of and if you can get one as soon as the new course begins.

A help for those who are studying or teaching a degree

Apple back to school

Apple student discounts consist of a slight reduction in the price of Macs and iPads. This is changing, but usually moves between 4% and 8% of the original sale price. These discounts are aimed at university students and teachers who work in a school, institute or university. If you study in a school or an institute you do not have access to these discounts.

To these discounts, and limited to certain periods of the year, are added the “back to school” promotions. This year’s one, for example, gives us AirPods if we buy a Mac or an iPad through Apple’s education portal. But that is only an addition, which you can take advantage of if it coincides with your purchase date.

A verified user account at UNiDAYS is essential to access educational discounts

How can you access those discounts if you meet the requirements? Well the first thing you should do is create a user account in UNiDAYS, a service that brings together several stores (including Apple) that offer discounts to students. In the process of creating that account, you will have to prove that you study at a university or work as a teacher, so that you have the necessary documentation at hand: contract, academic user accounts or the university registration itself.

Once you have the account and have logged in, you can access a special section of the Apple store where you can order a Mac or an iPad with student discounts. Remember that discounts only apply to those two products: iPhones or accessories like Apple Watch or AirPods are not discounted student.

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Some dealers also have their own discounts


So far we have talked about the discounts offered by Apple officially, but if you are looking to save some money do not rule out visiting one of the authorized distributors Apple that you may have nearby. Many of them have their own promotions and discounts for teachers and students, which can even be extended to high school students or apply more generous discounts.

Of course, you will also have to prove that you are a student by providing the necessary documentation. The process can take a few days until your data is verified, so be patient because the purchase will not be instantaneous as it happens with conventional prices.

And of course, remember: for those of us who are not students we have our weekly post on Hunting Bargains every Friday in which we collect discounts and promotions for all audiences and from various stores.

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