What are Alberto Fernández and his ministers doing tomorrow, Thursday, February 18?

The President of the Nation
Alberto Fernandez It plans to carry out different official activities as part of the official management agenda. For his part
Santiago Cafiero and the rest of the ministers in his cabinet have their respective agendas planned. The official acts and meetings planned by each of the members of the government are the following:


At noon the president
Alberto Fernandez receives the brand new head of the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy (INAES), Alexandre Roig.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing together with the Banco de la Nación Argentina:

In the afternoon the minister
Louis basterra and the president of the BNA, Eduardo Hecker, announce lines of credit assistance for agricultural SMEs.

Science, Technology and Innovation:

At noon the minister
Roberto Salvarezza participates in the signing of an agreement between CONAE and the National Treasury Office.

At noon the minister meets with the national deputy Flavia Morales.


At noon the minister
Tristan Bauer holds a working meeting with Claudia Grynszpan, Minister of Tourism and Culture of San Juan.

In the afternoon, the minister meets with Pablo Ferrero, secretary of Culture and Education of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

In the afternoon, the minister attends the opening of the exhibition “Panorama Candido” at the National Historical Museum.

Defense with Health:

In the morning the ministers
Agustin Rossi Y
Ginés González García lead an act of delivery of capsules donated by the United States.

Social development:

In the morning the minister
Daniel Arroyo placeholder image travels to Catamarca to sign agreements with Governor Raúl Jalil and visit productive projects financed by the Boost Work plan.

Territorial Development and Habitat:

At noon the minister
Jorge Ferraresi leads an act of handover of houses in the Buenos Aires district of San Miguel.


In the afternoon the minister
Nicolas Trotta heads the National Teaching Parity.

Women, Gender and Diversity:

At noon the minister
Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta signs with 21 mayors and mayors of the province of Corrientes the implementation agreement of the Accompany and Generate programs.

At noon, the minister signs a cooperation and assistance agreement with the YPF Company to implement the Equal Program and coordinate dissemination actions for Line 144 and awareness-raising on gender issues.

Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship:

At noon the chancellor
Felipe Solá holds a working meeting with the Tunisian ambassador, Mohamed Ali Ben Abid.


At noon the minister
Ginés González García travels to Paraná, Entre Ríos, to visit a vaccination center.

I work with Defense:

At noon the ministers
Claudio Moroni and Agustín Rossi, together with the head of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, and the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, Daniel Filmus, sign a draft resolution on the procedures of scientists and researchers from technical institutes of the Armed Forces and the Institute Antarctic.

Tourism and Sports:

At noon the minister
Matias Lammens meets with gastronomic entrepreneurs.

At noon the minister gives a recognition to Mariano Andújar, winner of the Dakar rally.

In the afternoon, the minister meets with mayors of Corrientes to review sports and tourism works.


At noon, the secretary Gabriela Torres signs a letter of intent with the mayor of Avellaneda, Alejo Chornobrof, to advance a comprehensive strategy to address the problem of consumption from a local and community perspective.

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