What are Alberto Fernández and his ministers doing today, January 25?

The President of the Nation
Alberto Fernandez It plans to carry out different official activities as part of the official management agenda. For his part
Santiago Cafiero and the rest of the ministers in his cabinet have their respective agendas planned. The official acts and meetings planned by each of the members of the government are the following:


At noon the president
Alberto Fernandez virtually participates in the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit.


At noon the minister
Agustin Rossi holds a virtual meeting with the Commanders of the Joint Emergency Zones of the provinces.

In the afternoon the Minister meets with the Ambassador of Turkey, Sefik Vural Altay.

Productive development:

At noon, the Secretary of Mining, Alberto Hensel, meets with the Argentine Ambassador to Japan, Alan Beraud.

Social development:

At noon the minister
Daniel Arroyo placeholder image participates in the signing of the agreement for the urbanization of popular neighborhoods in the municipality of San Isidro as part of the « Argentina United for the Integration of Popular Neighborhoods » program, together with the mayor Gustavo Posse and the Secretary for Socio Urban Integration, Fernanda Miño.

Territorial Development and Habitat:

At noon the minister
Jorge Ferraresi signed agreements with the governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, for the Casa Propia plan and the National Housing Solidarity Fund.

At noon the Minister signs agreements with the Governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, for the Casa Propia plan and the National Solidarity Housing Fund.

At noon the Minister signs agreements in the municipality of La Matanza.


At noon the minister
Nicolas Trotta holds a meeting at the Pizzurno Palace with the Governor of Tucumán, Juan Manzur.

Education alongside Transportation:

In the afternoon the ministers
Nicolas Trotta and
Mario Meoni they hold a business meeting.

Tourism and Sports:

In the afternoon the minister
Matias Lammens holds a meeting with the president of the Argentine Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism, Carlos Pelli, to present the Directorate of Tourism and Nature and the Natural Route.

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