What are Alberto Fernández and his ministers doing today, February 19?

The President of the Nation
Alberto Fernandez It plans to carry out different official activities as part of the official management agenda. For his part
Santiago Cafiero and the rest of the ministers in his cabinet have their respective agendas planned. The official acts and meetings planned by each of the members of the government are the following:


At noon the president
Alberto Fernandez announces at the CCK the creation of the Economic and Social Council, in an act in which social leaders, businessmen, union representatives and referents of the different sectors that will comprise it will be present.

Head of Cabinet:

At noon, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, visits the Borges Cultural Center together with the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer.

In the afternoon the Chief of Cabinet meets with mayors of the province of Corrientes.

Environment and Sustainable Development:

At noon the minister
Juan Cabandié meets with the ambassador of Costa Rica, Ginette Campos Rojas.

In the afternoon, the minister signs the second agreement with community organizations in the country that will carry out socio-environmental projects within the framework of the “Making mess for our land” program, which is part of the Common House Plan.

Science, Technology and Innovation together with Women, Gender and Diversity:

At night the minister
Roberto Salvarezza and the minister
Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta participate in the activities of the « International Day of Women and Girls in Science » to be held in Tecnópolis.

Territorial Development and Habitat:

At noon, the minister meets with the Cabinet Chief Advisor Teresa Barrios, the National Deputy for Corrientes José Ruiz Aragón and mayors of that province.

Territorial Development and Habitat together with Culture:

In the afternoon the ministers
Jorge Ferraresi Y
Tristan Bauer they carry out institutional activities in the Buenos Aires district of Avellaneda.

Women, Gender and Diversity:

In the afternoon the minister
Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta signs a framework agreement for reciprocal cooperation with the National Treasury Office.

Tourism and Sports:

At noon the minister
Matias Lammens meets with the head of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), Paola Tamburelli.

National Agency for Disability:

At noon the Executive Director of the Agency, Fernando Galarraga, visits the Tilcara Rehabilitation Center, under construction with funds from the Checks Law.

In the afternoon, the Executive Director of the Agency meets with Natalia Sarapura, Minister of Human Development of Jujuy.

In the afternoon, the Executive Director of the Agency meets with representatives of the civil society of Jujuy.

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