What about Britney Spears and why are they asking to release her?

13 years ago Britney Spears lost her freedom at court and came under her father’s tutelage; now he raises his voice to regain his autonomy.

We were all shocked when we saw Britney Spears pointing an umbrella at photographers after shaving her hair in a store. It was 2007 and the singer was going through difficult stages in her life: a complicated divorce, the fight for custody of her children and the pregnancy of her teenage sister. It was so overwhelming and there were so many looks on herIt would be natural to think that anyone would have lost their minds, but his father took it differently.

In 2008, her father, Jamie Spears, petitioned the court for control over Britney and her estate, arguing that the star did not have the mental faculties to fend for herself. His request was granted and since then he has been in charge of managing his daughter’s assets and decisions, which raised suspicions about Britney’s well-being and her freedom, which was becoming more and more compromised.

Although Britney continued to share photos and videos in which she looked apparently fine and working on her health, little by little it became clear that her sad look was a call for help, so little by little there were those who noticed that she was not satisfied. with her situation and this was just confirmed when her dad put her in a rehab clinic after Brit went out for a hamburger with her boyfriend without asking her father’s permission.

Own Sam asghari He has preferred to limit his accusations towards Jamie Spears, but has been blunt about the fact that the father of his 39-year-old girlfriend has not stopped controlling his relationship with Britney nor has stopped putting obstacles between them. All of this has reached an unheard of point with Britney’s recent statements, among which she claims that she would like to sue her family for exploiting her and intoxicating her with lithium for more than five years against her will. In these images, Britney is seen the day before her court hearing, when she visited the Ventura County sheriff’s office and stayed there for 15 minutes. Who would you believe? Do you consider that it has been submitted for long enough?

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