What a gem! Funko to launch an Eminem figure in ‘8 Mile’

In almost 30 years of experience Eminem has managed to make several achievements that have led him to be classified as one of the most important rappers of recent times, because the decades pass and his name is as present as a few years ago when the world went crazy with records like The Slim Shady LP or The Marshall Mathers LP.

Just remember the stir that Eminem caused a few months ago when he made a surprise appearance at the 92 Oscars ceremony, where after many years he settled a pending account with the Academy when he performed the song “Lose Yourself” from the well-known Dolby Theater.

What a gem!  Funko to launch an Eminem figure in '8 Mile'What a gem!  Funko to launch an Eminem figure in '8 Mile'

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There will be a B-Rabbit (aka Eminem) Funko!

As you will remember, in 2003 this song gave Eminem an Oscar for “Best Original Song” thanks to the movie 8 Mile., a tape inspired by the first steps that Eminem took in the world of rap and one that surely many of you remember seeing 17 years ago (it already rained). If that’s the case and they are movie fans then you’re in luck.

And is that the company Funko announced through his Instagram account that it will soon be on sale a figure of James (Jimmy) “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr., the character that Eminem plays in 8 Mile, and which will be characterized with the costumes that the rapper shows in the film (yes, with a hat and the whole thing).

The figure of the character of ‘8 Mile’ is already in pre-sale

According to your post, The B-Rabbit Funko is already in pre-sale through the Hot Topic site. The bad news is that for now it will only be available for shipments in the United States, so sure here in Mexico we will have to wait a few months (because of a pandemic) to be able to have this valuable Funko character that adds one more line to Eminem’s tiger.

Anyway, at least we can say that Eminem has been very active this year, because in addition to giving us Music to be Murdered By, his eleventh studio album, he also gave us a song called “The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady”, where he hit hard on those who refuse to follow preventive measures against COVID-19.

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