What a bad luck! Stored his car to protect it from the snow in Texas and found it frozen

Low temperatures from the winter storm in Texas continue to wreak havoc on the population

| 02/19/2021 | ionicons-v5-c15: 27 | Patricia Agüero |

Texas.- The winter storm which is currently affecting the state of Texas in U.S It has left us postcards of beautiful snow-covered landscapes, however, not all have been good times, since the lack of electricity and the cold that does not give up have shown us another harsh reality.

Through social networks, the story of the owner of a vehicle has become viral. In order to protect it from inclement weather, she saw it as a good option to keep it in the parking lot of the department building where she lives, however, the next morning she ran into a big surprise: his car was covered in ice.

The video and images shared by the user Bree Sudbury in the accounts of Tik Tok and Instagram, shows a column of ice, while frozen water covers the rear of the vehicle.

Bree Sudbury He parked his vehicle under a water pipe, unfortunately it burst freezing the water that was spreading through the vehicle and the parking lot.

The events were recorded in the parking lot of the Mosaic Dallas department building in downtown Dallas.

Travis herzog, ABC13 Houston’s chief meteorologist shared the image with a recommendation: « Do not park under water pipes during historic winter storms in Texas« .