Whales that seem to swim “hugged” are astonishing.

The phenomenon occurred near Massachusetts.

Photo: Elianne Dipp / Pexels

Every day, nature gives us moments and scenes worth immortalizing because it is practically impossible for them to repeat themselves in a short period of time.

Just a couple of days ago a couple of right whales They have given us a spectacular moment that, fortunately, has remained for posterity thanks to the video captured by a drone.

On February 28, the whales were swimming around Cape Cod, near Massachusetts, and were seen by Michael Moore, an expert on right whales at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who had gone sailing together with his colleague Amy Knowlton and photographer Brian Skerry, as they would carry out, precisely, a count of right whales in the area aforementioned and in order to know your state of health.

Generally, in the spring, this type of cetaceans arrive in the waters of Cape Cod, coming from the Caribbean, as they are in search of the frozen waters of this site and, essentially, of the zooplankton with which they feed.

Skerry raised a drone to obtain images of the area and it managed to capture the two right whales that they swam together, as if they were hugging, it seems that they travel the waters as if they were taken by the fins.

The video was picked up by National Geographic; Moore and other experts indicated that they were possibly mating. In addition, he indicated that it is the first time that he has observed a behavior like this in right whales.

Right whales are one of the world’s most endangered species. At the moment, experts indicate, there are less than 400 specimens left with everything and that last winter they gave birth to the largest number of offspring that is known since 2015.

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