Wetaca will have the results of what happened next week

Day 3 in the case of Wetaca and its notice of withdrawal of the week’s remittance. On Wednesday afternoon, users of the home tupper platform were advised that they had to throw away the products that had not yet been eaten – almost 3,500 packages in total. In an email to these customers, the company warned that something had not met the quality standards they require, both due to its internal regulations and what is required by health. A routine analysis – carried out on a voluntary basis in their quest to exceed the minimum quality of health, they explain – after the week’s shipment put on alert to the popular food delivery startup.

At that moment, alarms were going off. On the one hand, a group of users shouted to heaven on the networks, some declared they had symptoms of discomfort since Tuesday. Wetaca did not confirm what exactly was wrong with the food, neither in the generic mail sent nor in the requests for personal information that some of its users requested. If it was a question of packaging in poor condition, something related to food or processes. They were analyzing what happened and they would give the explanations when they had results. In this sense, Andrés Casal, founder of Wetaca, points out to that they could not, and still cannot, say anything about it because they do not have enough data.

“It is a problem, because transparency is really required but we have to be sure and have conclusive proof of what is happening in order to communicate it.”

Just yesterday, Wetaca announced to its customers that the orders to be delivered this week would be delayed. The company had proceeded to clean all its facilities for safety. They also sent tests of all surfaces and containers to be analyzed. According to Casal, the results will surely be tomorrow throughout the day, at which time they will begin with the backorders for this week and next.

An in-depth analysis that is still late

In any case, what about the data for this week’s problem? Casal points out that they will have results next week. The tests have been re-analyzed in an intense way and cannot give a specific date of the analysis more exhaustive than the routine one and that detected the possible problem. As soon as they have more data, Wetaca will communicate what they resolve.

As for what could be what has happened, the question remains on the table and they do not explain where the problem was detected specifically. Neither from communication, nor from its clients who have approached the company to ask precisely about this information. Wetaca insists that he will speak when he has the result of his in-depth analysis.

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