Wetaca asks its customers to throw away their food after a microbiological analysis

Creamy rice with duck and gorgonzola. (Photo: Web Wetaca)

Customers of the food delivery company Wetaca found an email in their inbox this Wednesday. In it, the company asks them not to consume the content of the tuppers received in their last order.

“We are writing to ask you please not to take the dishes from your last order, the one received between June 18 and 23. As you know, and as a food company that we are, every week we do clinical analyzes of the dishes we make in order to maintain the highest quality standards ”, the text begins.

That is precisely the problem. Some of the dishes in this batch of meals “have not met this standard” so, “for prevention”, the company has asked that they be discarded.

“We do a microbiological analysis in which we measure everything, and there is some figure that does not meet our quality standards and we prefer to return the money and prevent,” Andrés Casal, CEO of Wetaca, explains to El HuffPost.

In that sense, Casal indicates that it is not “a 100% conclusive analysis, but rather an indication”, and that they are still waiting for “the analysis to be complete in order to offer more information.”

Some of the customers have already consumed those dishes, as they have expressed in networks. There are even those who claim to have an upset stomach. When asked if we are talking about some type of bacteria or if it can affect health, from Wetaca they prefer “to be clear and not give wrong information so as not to create an alarm.”

For this reason, they continue to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the batch: “We cannot communicate anything firmly until we have reliable results, which take between 5 and 7 days”.

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