Westbrook: “I’m the best ‘playmaker’ in the NBA”

Against the Hawks, Russell Westbrook changed the script of the story. With 28 points, 13 rebounds and 21 assists, his 36th triple-double of the season, he overtook Oscar Robertson in the historical classification of the matter. 182 for the Wizards point guard and 181 for the legendary Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks player. 47 years of a record that seemed unattainable, one of those that are kept in the last drawer of the records and that, even with everything seen, was not expected for this season. Everyone knows Russ’s ability to accumulate sheets and stat sheets, but undertaking the feat required a final sprint only within his grasp: In the 20 games prior to the record, it achieved double digits on 17 occasions in three statistical sections. “I guess we’ll see it in another 50 years. You put so much time and work into this sport … I’ve never dreamed of being talked about like that. I don’t normally pat myself on the back for what I get, but today I’m going to do, “he told the press.

Westbrook set the record in 100 fewer games than ‘Big O’ and, far from stopping, in the following games he has continued to break records. This morning, against Atlanta, again, he has managed to extend a streak of 15 assists to six games, something that had not been seen since John Stockton in 1990. In the midst of it, and after the accumulation of positive news, the point guard has not hesitated to give himself another of those pats on the back that, normally, he dodges: “I am the best ‘playmaker’ of the league”, has declared openly. More food for the eternal debate that surrounds you, which usually goes from extreme to extreme. One of the most peculiar relationships in history with public opinion, in tune with his game, as particular as it is bidirectional and explosive.

The Wizards, from disaster to play-in

In the second round against the Hawks, Washington missed the opportunity to certify their presence in the qualifying tournament for the playoffs. He controlled the game until the fourth quarter, when Atlanta’s men changed gears. With 10 minutes remaining, and with 87 to 100 in favor of Washington, a triple by Davis Bertans served as a preface for the comeback, led by a Trae Young who went to 33 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists, bordering on the triple-double that, this time, Westbrook also missed (34 + 15 + 5). Currently, the Wizars are 10th in the West, with a 3-1 / 2-game lead over the Chicago Bulls. Nothing suggests that they are going to escape. And nothing made one think, in the middle of the season, that the situation could be this. Injuries, franchise with more games postponed by health and safety protocols, etc. After overcoming everything, they have earned the opportunity to fight to be with the best at the end of the season. With a Mr. Triple-Double, a nickname he already shares with Robertson, unleashed and a Bradley Beal who, although now injured, arrives at the best moment of his career. Another story.

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