Werder Bremen is currently negotiating a state loan to face the repercussions that the coronavirus crisis has had on the club’s finances.

05/22/2020 at 16:42



A spokesman for the club told the magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ said that the negotiations were close to closing and that the loan would come from the Bank for Reconstruction (KfW) in the framework of aid offered by the state to companies with liquidity problems caused because of the pandemic.

The credit, along with the interest, should be repaid within six years.

According to ‘Der Spiegel’, Bremen is not the only club to consider the possibility of resorting to KfW credits.

Borussia Dortmund has discussed the possibility and those responsible have received a preemptive green light from the competent bodies, according to the magazine, to request a loan of up to 60 million euros if necessary.

However, a spokesman for the club said that it is merely preventive and that the possibility of resorting to such aid is not up to date and stressed that so far Dortmund has not received a penny of public aid.

Dortmund Administrative Director Hans Joachim Watzke, has said on several occasions that the club will not resort to state aid.