Everybody knows that Michael Jordan It was a competitive animal and, while practicing basketball, it never stopped being one. Therefore, he was as aggressive with his teammates in training as he was with his rivals during games. It was his strategy to prepare himself and for his fellow students to Chicago Bulls they got stronger.

Thus, the Canadian center Bill Wennington, reserve of the Bulls champions between 96 and 98 and protagonist in The Last Dance, tells an anecdote that perfectly defines the competitive personality of Michael Jordan.

He says that the GOAT asked him in training to defend him hard and once managed to perform a stopper: “He took that as an offense and took the rest of the training challenging me to block his shot with insults and physical actions.”

“I was alone on one side of the court, defending Luc Longley, and Mike was trying to attack from the left side. He got out of the whole team, jumped on me and threw the ball over the top and said ‘plug this’ and added a few other words, “said Wennington.

This was Michael Jordan, a competitive animal that had no mercy on his companions.