Wendolee’s baby, former academic, fights for her life

Wendolee's baby, former academic, fights for her life (Instagram)

Wendolee’s baby, former academic, fights for her life | Instagram

In enormous desolation is former academic Wendolee, who has made public at all times the process of welcoming her beautiful Hannah; However, happiness turned to worry when it was revealed that the little girl breathed in meconium (amniotic fluid and waste) at birth and is now fighting the infection that this caused.

The singer revealed on her Instagram account the moment of anxiety she had while in the hospital because her daughter did not want to be born yet and it seems that this was what complicated the situation and caused little Hannah to suck up waste.

The infection is jeopardizing the little girl’s life, which is why she underwent surgery and is undergoing special care to help her recover. Wendolee He has shared the situation of his daughter on social networks and has asked at all times that they do not stop praying for the health of the little girl since the power of prayer is very strong.

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The former academic, one of the most beloved, also shared a very emotional moment, the christening of little Hannah from her crib. Due to her daughter’s poor health, Wendolee decided it was the right time to present her daughter to God.

In her official Instagram account you can see the photographs of this beautiful moment in which the singer takes the little hand of her beautiful daughter, who is dressed as a real doll in white, and in her other hand she carries a small candle with a cross , as part of the sacrament of baptism.

In this special moment, Hannah’s father, the musician, could not be absent Harrison Hill, who in a gray suit appeared to celebrate the moment his daughter receives the sacrament of christening. Wendolee presented her daughter to God and asked once again for her baby to be healed. Once again, the singer asked for prayers for the little girl and thanked them for them.

Today we baptize our @hannahlovehill we present to God our little girl with all the Faith that he will help us heal her, who is listening to my pleas and the prayers of so many people who have joined in prayer in these difficult times. If you have a moment say a prayer for her, there is no prayer that is not heard.

The beautiful Hannah was born on January 7 and since then, she has fought for her life due to the infection; That day, before the birth, Wendolee showed her concern in a video, in which she assured her little girl did not want to go out.

20 hrs after we started and @hannahlovehill just doesn’t want to go out I order them prayers .

It was after that by the same means Wendolee Ayala He shared that he tried for 28 hours to have his daughter and finally, she was operated on; but Hannah had developed pneumonia derived from what she had ingested, since the situation had become complicated. The singer at all times has presented a positive attitude.

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In another of the videos, the singer confessed that they have been very difficult days and that her little girl had been transferred to another hospital to undergo surgery. She stressed that they were in the hands of God and of a very capable medical team, so she begged for prayers so that her little girl would come out well.

Wendolee expressed that it was a lot for a newborn baby all that Hannah presented; however, they had a lot of faith that he will come out of this situation with flying colors.