It is difficult to say, but – perhaps – he was one of the least loved characters on the planet of soccer. If he could be compared to a club, we could say that he is the America of world football: Either you love him or you hate him. His footballing abilities were never in doubt (although the fool who considers him lousy will not be missing), but some of his attitudes cause that, which is truly important, to be left aside.
It is one more example of how human beings judge others without having solid arguments to do so. Because hardly any of his detractors will be heard destroying him for what he does on the court. He is a professional to the letter; then, getting in there is impossible. And that’s why he is hated. Directly, by sucker.
“For being rich, for being handsome and for being a great player, people are envious of me. He has no other explanation, ”said Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago. And, although he is absolutely right, that phrase did not contribute at all to his cause. On the contrary, those words served to confirm his detractors that Portuguese is unbearable and not worth admiring.
Not even five Champions Leagues and five Ballons d’Or (mentioning all their titles and distinctions would end the characters allowed for this humble column) managed to convince their critics. But, paradoxes of fate, just what he does off the field has caused a change in many of the anti CR7.
Gambetear rivals, make huge jumps or score anthological goals is not the only thing that Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to do. The Portuguese have memorable matches in his career, but none like the one he has had throughout the pandemic that plagues the world. The Juventus attacker has made various donations to help those affected by Covid-19 and, with this, he has managed to ensure that many of those who hated him today, at least, no longer express themselves badly about him.
Weird things in life: While we could see him play, he was ripped apart by his attitudes off the court. Today, we cannot see him perform on a court and, precisely, his attitudes are vindicating him before those who could never recognize him or the shocking Chilean against Juventus in 2018.
Something is wrong if the footballer is judged more by how he dresses or looks than by what he does on a playing field, but at least this time he is being fair to Cristiano Ronaldo and he is being measured with the same stick .
Adendum. Knut is going crazy with isolation. He has already painted the floor of his living room green and on the walls he is drawing the stands of a stadium. He urges him to return to soccer. [email protected]