Diets also reach Hollywood. And quarantined, too.And it is that the actors are forced to permanently change weight and appearance to adapt to the different roles they have to play.If someone is used to it, it is the Australian Mel Gibson, 62, who has had roles and performances of all kinds. In recent times, the figure of Gibson seemed a little sloppy, but the actor has managed to lose 14 kilos in 8 weeks and his appearance is different after shrinking his abdomen by 27 centimeters. And all with a simple formula and a little effort.The specialized magazine “Mens´ Health” has echoed the Gibson method, which was crossed with a prestigious nutritionist, Sam Jackson.

“I was having dinner, and he was sitting at the next table € We had a conversation because he was alone,” explains Sam in The West Australian.“He began to explain that it was impossible to get rid of that belly, and I told him to give me eight weeks to get rid of it, that I was going to teach him how to eat.After that conversation, Gibson went to his appointment. “My clothes fit me well, my back does not hurt anymore, I sleep better,” said the actor on his YouTube channel after undergoing the treatment. In addition, the Australian deepened how It is the diet in a specific way: 5 meals, three hours of separation between each other and with the proteins (later we will delve into the key food) and the legume as key guests Gibson highlighted this mixture.

Breakfast: Tomato and pepper omelette.
– Snack 1: Protein shake.
– Food: Chicken with asparagus, broccoli, green beans and sweet potato.
– Snack 2: Protein shake.
– Dinner: Baked salmon with roasted potato and salad.

On the other hand, the importance of protein is clear. And in that a special food stands out, as a result of the latest studies.The potato has established itself as the ideal complement to any sports menu, according to the latest research from the magazine Nutrients and echoed by Men´s Health.And it is that the potato has a key protein to gain muscle and maintain it over time. The key is that it helps people build that muscle that is sought after with workouts and also helps with weight loss. This protein also has numerous health benefits.

“The amount of protein found in a single potato is small, but if we grow a lot of potatoes and extract that protein, we can get a number of measurable benefits,” says Sara Oikawa of McMaster University in Canada, who participated in the study.