Weekly balance: Arcelor bounces furiously, while IAG and Grifols fade away

Following the stock market storm unleashed by the Federal Reserve last week, stock indices have gained momentum again these days, especially those of Wall Street, where the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are trading on a free rise, in an area of ​​all-time highs.

In our case, the Ibex 35 has added 0.71% in these five sessions, recovering the level of 9,000 points, but without being able to beat its maximum of the year. In this way and waiting for new catalysts, such as the next accounting results, it continues typecast in a lateral range, as explained by analysts at Bolsamanía.

By values, ArcelorMittal has led the hikes in this days. Specifically, it has added 9.28%, recovering strongly from the steep declines registered the previous week. Viscofan, which has scored 4.65% and has beaten resistance, has taken second place in the weekly ranking; while Aena (+ 4.11%), driven by favorable reports from different investment firms, came third.

BBVA, for its part, it has once again been the best bank in our selection after adding 4.04%, a percentage similar to that won by the manufacturer of automotive components CIE Automotive (+ 3.73%).

At the bottom of the table, IAG has led the declines. The group of airlines to which Iberia belongs has been left 5.34% weighed down by the taking of profits and by the decision of the United Kingdom to leave our country (with the exception of the Balearic Islands) out of its list of safe destinations.

Accused decreases also suffered by Grifols (-4.95%), despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago it experienced a notable improvement in its graphic perspectives; for Electric Network (-4.42%); and by Iberdrola (-3.49%), negatively affected by the imputation of its president in the Villarejo case.

Weekly variations Ibex 35

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