Weekend premieres on Netflix, Disney + and Amazon

Weekend premieres on Netflix, Disney + and Amazon | Instagram

For this weekend will arrive 5 premieres on the platforms of Netflix, Disney + Y Amazon, which will be perfect to do a good marathon with this incredible content that is yet to come or that is even already available from today.

There is no doubt that the ideal time to sit down to watch series or movies is the weekend and it is also the perfect time to give new releases a chance.

And this Friday in February was no exception, since there are incredible titles to enjoy on the two days off, so check out the list of the top five on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +.

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And, although the weather improves and outdoor plans increase, 2021 is still a year of spending more time at home than ever.

Thus, with fewer releases in cinemas and theaters at half their capacity, the offers of streaming platforms, which have not stopped increasing, have become our great allies.

Movies and series to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +:


WandaVision – Episode 7 – Series

Disney +

Premiere: February 19

Creators: Jac Schaeffer

Stars: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Fred Melamed, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, Randall Park, Kat Dennings, and Evan Peters.

Plot: Monica plans her return, Wanda navigates haunting complications, and Vision forms a new alliance.


The boarding school: Las Cumbres – Series

Amazon Prime Video

Premiere: February 19

Created by: Laura Belloso

Stars: Asia Ortega, Albert Salazar, Ramiro Blas, Joel Bosqued, Alberto Amarilla, Mina El Hammani.

Plot: in a school located next to an old monastery in an inaccessible place among the mountains, the students are problematic and rebellious boys who will live under the strict and severe discipline imposed by the center to reintegrate them into society.


Flora and Ulysses – Film

Disney +

Premiere: February 19

Directed by: Lena Khan

Stars: Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Anna Deavere Smith, Danny Pudi, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Janeane Garofalo, and Kate Micucci.

Plot: a girl and a squirrel form the most unusual and fun couple in contemporary literature. It all begins one summer afternoon in Mrs. and Mr. Tickham’s kitchen. The latter has decided to give his wife the most modern and advanced vacuum cleaner in the world.


Tribes of Europe – Series


Premiere: February 19

Created by: Udo Happel and Mario Zvan.

Stars: Henriette Confurius, Oliver Masucci, David Ali Rashed, Emilio Sakraya, Melika Foroutan, Hoji Fortuna, and Jeanette Hain.

Plot: 2074. With the arrival of a mysterious global disaster, war breaks out between the tribes that have emerged from what remains of Europe. Three brothers from a peaceful tribe – Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) – are forced to forge their own paths in an action-packed struggle for the future of this new Europe.


Don’t worry, I take care of you – Movie


Premiere: February 19

Created by: J. Blakeson.

Stars: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Chris Messina and Dianne Wiest.

Plot: An unscrupulous woman takes advantage of her role as a tutor to fleece the older adults she must care for. But his latest client is not what she seems.