WEE : WWE punished female superstar for being too good

WWE punishes female superstar for being too good

WWE is very proud of their Women’s Evolution, but that wasn’t always the company’s line. Just a few years ago, WWE Divas were relegated to short matches and told that they weren’t allowed to do anything that could outshine men.

WWE punishes fighter for being too good

WrestleTalk magazine recently spoke with former WWE star Katie Lea Burchill, who now goes by the name Winter. He recalled a time when Melina and Michelle McCool were scolded backstage for having a match that was deemed “too good.”

“I witnessed a similar incident when I was on tour with WWE. I remember a particularly spectacular PPV match between Michelle McCool and Melina. These two women did their best, presenting non-stop action with the fight spilling out of the ring with some groundbreaking points on the crowd barrier. We were impressed; the “powers that be” were not. It was considered too good a match and they were told in no uncertain terms to tone it down in the future. “

WWE does not maintain that same mindset towards their programming now. Sports Illustrated ranked Sasha Banks as the world’s number one professional wrestler last year.

The women’s matches are WWE’s top shows that would never arrive more than five minutes early. Fortunately, berating women for being good in the ring is a thing of the past.

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