WEE : WWE is unable to register the trademarks of some of its wrestlers

By Sebastián Martínez – PUBLISHED ON 02/21/2021 AT 09:06

It is well known that WWE wants to have its superstars named for commercial purposes. This has led to fighters who have passed through the company and who have tried to sell their image once their contracts ended. On this occasion, WWE has encountered a problem with the registration of the name new superstars and needs your written consent to be able to finish the process.

The heelbynature portal has reported about this new attempt by WWE. He obtained the documentation issued in mid-February, where it is revealed that several trademarks will be abandoned in six months, unless WWE provides a document signed by the talent, giving his consent for the company to use the name. The superstars in question are Dominik Mysterio, Kay Lee Ray, Chelsea Green, Amale, Amir Jordan, Aoife Valkyrie and the Spanish wrestler A-Kid.

In most cases, like A-Kid’s, WWE not only tried to register his wrestling name, but also his real one. “The trademark applied for includes the name of the following individual applicant: ‘A-Kid’ or ‘Carlos Ruiz’, as evidenced by the attached test“is shown in the documentation.” However, this person did not sign the application and the application does not include a written consent signed personally by this person. “

It is not the first time that WWE has been refused to register the names of some of its fighters. In 2020 they had the same problem with Drew Gulak, Pete Dunne, Tony Nese, Justus, Malcolm Bivens, Mercedes Martinez, Keith Lee, Raquel González and Mia Yim. Some of them, such as Mercedes Martinez or Mia Yim, registered their names before being hired by the company.

Shaul Guerrero denounced these WWE practices

Shaul Guerrero, daughter of Eddie Guerrero, was interviewed a few weeks ago by the wrestlinginc portal, where she revealed that her family does not have control of her father’s image rights, despite his death in 2005. “Over the years I understood that we have to be very careful with the way we use people’s names, “he said. “Dad fought using his real name ‘Eddie Guerrero’ and WWE, to this day, has the rights to his name and image. Even if we wanted to do something, we couldn’t, we have nothing to say. So if you’re a young wrestler and you’re going to sign a contract with a company, make sure you have the rights to your own name. It’s great advice and any lawyer will recommend the same. Make sure you have all the rights to your character or your image. “

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Sebastian Martinez

Sebastian Martinez
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