WEE : WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Daniel Bryan wins a chance against Roman Reigns

By Sebastián Martínez – PUBLISHED ON 02/22/2021 AT 01:20

Daniel Bryan achieved victory in the Elimination Chamber of SmackDown held at the Elimination Chamber 2021 event. The former world champion entered the first position and managed to hold on until the end, where he had to do with Jey Uso. Daniel Bryan was close to losing, after receiving a Frog Splash, but managed to recover and apply the Running Knee to beat Uso on the count of three.

Thus, Daniel Bryan achieves his third victory in an Elimination Chamber Match, matching John Cena’s record. However, Triple H is still the fighter with the most victories in this type of combat, with a total of 4 to his credit.

The Elimination Chamber match on SmackDown was the opener of the PPV. Cesaro, Jey Uso, King Corbin, Kevin Owens, Samy Zayn and Jey Uso participated in the fight. One of the key moments occurred with the elimination of Kevin Owens, one of the favorites of the fight. Jey Uso managed to catch his arm in the cell door and apply several Superkicks to him. Once inside the ring, Uso finished him off. Total, Jey Uso achieved the best record of eliminations.

Here is the order of entry of superstars and eliminations:

SmackDown Elimiantion Chamber Match Entry Order

1. Daniel Bryan 2. Cesaro 3. King Corbin 4. Sami Zayn 5. Kevin Owens 6. Jey Uso

Elimiantion Chamber Match elimination order from SmackDown

1. King Corbin, eliminated by Cesaro 2. Sami Zayn, eliminated by Kevin Owens 3. Kevin Owens, eliminated by Jey Uso 4. Cesaro, eliminated by Jey Uso 5. Jey Uso, eliminated by Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan

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Sebastian Martinez

Sebastian Martinez
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