WEE : WWE deletes a tweet promoting the match between Asuka and Lacey Evans in Elimination Chamber

By Alex Murillo – PUBLISHED ON 02/21/2021 AT 6:10 PM

After the announcement of Lacey Evans’ pregnancy this week on Monday Night Raw, the media and fans expected a change in the Elimination Chamber undercard, however that is something that is still unknown, which has created some uncertainty in the face of the fight itself and the event to be held tonight.

Despite the announcement, WWE has continued to promote the confrontation between Asuka and Evans today tonight in Elimination Chamber on their social networks, although a few moments ago the company deleted said tweet.

“The Lady of WWE” expects a second child from her current marriage, so Lacey Evans’ pregnancy is not a continuation of the storyline she is currently developing in WWE with Ric and Charlotte Flair, something that has been confirmed this week.

As it has been known throughout these days, the current plan who runs Vince McMahon’s company is that Lacey Evans remains appearing on television during the first phase of her pregnancy, although you will not put yourself in physical risk.

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Alex Murillo

Alex Murillo
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