WEE : WWE began filming content for a second NXT show

Shortly before last Christmas, we were surprised a report via Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc.

«Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque has created a team to oversee a new NXT show, which would apparently be an NXT minor league system.

«Gabe Sapolsky is leading the team. Levesque has given you several agents and writers to help you become more comfortable with television writing. Levesque has a lot of faith in Sapolsky, and this is said to be a case where Levesque gives him wide sleeve.

«The idea is to create a show that He was described to me as an ‘NXT for NXT’.

“The biggest challenge has been shaping the concept for television. The original idea was for it to look like something similar to a promotion operating in smaller tier markets. served by NXT. Nevertheless, since surely the house shows will not return, they want to turn it into a television program.

«The goal was for the show to start in early 2021, but it was postponed earlier and will probably be postponed again. ‘

Y it was a bit shocking, ignoring his expository sense for an increasingly growing number of talents that populate the Orlando Performance Center, Well, right now NXT should focus on improving the audience figures for its main television show, which lacks the charm and freshness of yesteryear and has not beaten AEW Dynamite in ratings for 14 months; rationale behind its alliance with USA Network. All, with the possibility flying over that you have to change the broadcast day after the closure of NBC Sports Network.

WWE began filming content for a second NXT showWWE began filming content for a second NXT showWwe

► NXT EVOLVE would already be a reality

But those plans revealed by Giri have not been delayed any longer. Fightful publishes today that WWE started the recordings of this second NXT show, which seems to be called NXT EVOLVE. The creation of graphics and a proper title for this kind of brand is reported, although they may not be the definitive ones.

Likewise, Fightful says that Sapolsky and Jeremy Borash are very involved in the production, with the building that served WWE’s Performance Center during the pandemic prior to the creation of the ThunderDome as the stage.

Josiah williams [quien ha colaborado como músico con WWE, de manera más reciente, en el vídeo de apertura de TakeOver: Vengeance Day] will serve as presenter, which, according to Fightful, gives it an aura far from the more “entertainment” aspect. Finally, it is noted that there were no live comments, although they would obviously be added in post-production.

We will continue to inform in SUPERLUCHAS about this development territory within the NXT development territory itself. WWE does not stop playing with paradoxes.

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