WEE : Will Randy Orton participate in the Men’s Rumble?

During a point of this week’s episode of Raw, Randy Orton had three open fronts: Triple H, Bray Wyatt and the manly field of Royal Rumble 2021 (without forgetting his rivalry with Edge that would resume facing WrestleMania 37).

Like Cody Rhodes in AEW, so many creative avenues demonstrate the importance of Orton within WWE, because to this day it continues to be the rude with the greatest legitimacy of the red brand.

Omnipresence that makes us the media wonder if he will move to the PPV on January 31, once the hostilities with “The Game” were left behind, which seems to have only served to keep that end in suspense so commented on Raw.

Why Everything indicates that Orton would then have a double commitment, when there is talk of a new clash against Wyatt (and again with special stipulation).


► Another apparent “smoke screen” from WWE

However, Dave Meltzer commented on such a situation of “The Viper” under the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter., pointing out that we may surely be facing another misdirection maneuver, after that positioning of Adam Pearce as a challenger to Roman Reigns.

«Orton vs. Fiend in a special stipulation match is the only fight we’ve heard that is going to take place. Orton’s announcement at the Royal Rumble was a smokescreen when it was made, but obviously everything is open to change.

At the time of writing this note, In the official preview of Royal Rumble 2021 from, Orton is listed as a participant in the men’s campaign. Two weeks from now we will clear up any doubts regarding this question, while the company clarified that the burns caused by Bliss’s fireball on Orton’s face were “minor.” No, we will not see a paranoid and masked Orton in the style of that version of “The American Nightmare” from the beginning of the last decade.

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